Rewire old hori arcade pro ex button layout?

have noticed that the layout has been changed by Hori for this stick, when I bought mine, the layout looked like this…

Now a few months later, all the pictures I see have the layout looking like this…

My question is… WTF?? The layout of my stick is very strange for fighting games, I have not been home in a month and only playing in the arcade, now I cant get used to this BS
layout. Can I just open it up and rewire it to be like the newer version layout? I need the
same layout that Iv been playing SF4 on in the arcades. Any suggestions?

Your pic links aren’t working, but I assume you have on that has ABXY in the middle, arranged similarly to the controller, and another that has ABXY in a curve across the top. The first is the layout for the Japanese version of the stick, and the other was for the US version, though with the EX-SE and EX-SA, it looks like Hori may have just adopted the US layout for both regions. Anyways, yes, you can change the layouts fine. Just open up the stick, and you can remove the QDs from the buttons, and put them in any layout you want.