Revox 2013 Results - Brazilian's International Road to EVO

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012:

  1. painN.Ludo
  2. CNB.ChuChu
  3. FWG Keoma
  4. GR.Breno Fighters

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

  1. CT | Dark Fox
  2. AE/LdO.Bruno Wizard
  4. CT.LDO.Cadurosar

The King of Fighters XIII:

  1. Kleber Yagami
  3. MR Bruno
  4. Mobby

We uploaded on our youtube channel all of the streammed matches of revox 2013, a great major in Brazil that was part of the International Road to Evo.
Besides the main tournament, we also had some 2v2 of top Brazilian players against Laugh and Infiltration and a FT7 exhibition matches between GR.Breno Fighters and MCZ.Infiltration.
If you are interested in seeing the Brazilian FGC in action on KoF XIII, SFIV and UMvC3, please go check on our channel:

Thanks in advance