Revisiting Shellhead 2015, Switching from KK to Staircase

So the game has reached a point where we know who the main threats are, and we know the aesthetics of how high level teams can play, yet still haven’t seen too many clutch Tony’s breaking neck out there. I’ve recently been playing with CTRL PzPoy and Jsong, very good DMV players. Pz still says Alukard NY is the best Iron Man, and claims that he gets results, but personally I haven’t seen his Iron Man do anything spectacular and despite my trust in Pz, I think there are much more to learn from high level Iron Man players - mainly Joker. He pulls off staircase BnBs, ROM BnBs, and understands the value of unfly + j. High C, j. Low C, and neutral C.

Looking to discuss any insights on improvements to his technology and am wondering if the staircase is still his most damaging BnB. In my opinion the most difficult part of this loop is the relaunch, it can also be difficult to land neutral S.J C without a high shot coming out. Any tips for how to perfect this BnB would be greatly appreciated. I find his midscreen loops, TAC and Standard, to be far more difficult than his corner game without using the Krispy Kreme.

The staircase loop can be started off any ground confirm except repulsor blast I believe. With the few amount of times I pull it off, I have extremely tight loops, the problem seems to be the time between landing the first knockdown, dashing into smart bomb light, and then dashing again into crouching B. This segment right here also separates the strong shellheads from the non because he has other confirmations that require mastery of this ground input as well. It’s not easy and am wondering if anyone can think of a way to get through this part easier, or if tight loops for the first launch are really that critical.