Reversal tutorial with slow motion and real time footage

Really good tutorial by the F101 guys. I finally understood the slight delay between the inputs and the animation of the reversal. But i still find it easier to do a one button reversal, as piano rolls mess up my srk motion for some reason lol.

I just need practice i guess.
Ultimate Reversal Guide for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and HDremix

Damn double posts.

Pretty nice video. However, the multi-tapping should be made with different fingers: so fast that if you do it while standing, you don’t always get a second rapid-fire jab to come out. It is just too slow that way, for most people. That Tsuji as Fei video should help, and using Happ or Seimitsu buttons, which are more appropriate for this technique. With just this correction it will be A-OK.

nominated and good shit, playing without this info is a handicap.

I know what you mean, it’s almost impossible to learn this things by yourself.

There are some downsides to piano reversals in that you can’t control the strength of your reversal. For many characters it’s much harder to punish jab dragon punches than it is to punish strong or [media=youtube]j4VYvTC9XuQ&#t=5m04s"[/media]. If Zangief baits a reversal jab dragon punch from Ryu, then he might get a knockdown punish with a low roundhouse or a green glove if he’s quick. Or he might be too slow and only score a hit with a normal that doesn’t knock down for his punish, or he might not get any punish at all. If the Ryu player does a strong or fierce dragon punch and Zangief baits it (or safe jumps it) then the Zangief player can punish with a headbutt for a free dizzy and a free follow combo and another followup mixup on top of that.

You need to understand your character’s specific risks and rewards when using a piano reversal.

Watch [media=youtube]Hjty-ZdWfkw&#t=14s"[/media] where Mattsun does a jab dragon punch on wakeup to protect against far meaty attacks. He doesn’t get a reversal but he also doesn’t get punished. Had he piano reversal attacked and gotten a fierce dragon punch he would have eaten a huge punish sequence from Gunze. Watch at 0:22 in the match where Gunze immediately punishes a whiffed jab dragon punch with a green glove. That is not easy to do and even top Zangief players often fail to punish that quickly. Watch the rest of the match to see that Mattsun rarely uses a strong or fierce dragon punch even in reversal situations against command throws. He knows that piano reversals carry a huge risk so he doesn’t use them that often. At 3:04 Mattsun does a piano reversal, gets a strong dragon punch that connects but doesn’t knock down, and he gets swept for his efforts.

Some other notes, N.Hawk and O.Hawk when they do a reversal dragon punch cannot control the strength of the dragon punch. Whatever the last strength dragon punch you used with Hawk was, will come out as your reversal. So let’s say that you are playing Hawk, you ended a combo with a fierce dragon punch, then you get knocked down. If you perform a reversal dragon punch, no matter what button you use (jab, strong, fierce), a fierce dragon punch will come out because that was the last strength dragon punch that you used.

There’s a lot more to piano reversals than “you get a better percentage success rate for reversals”.

triple piano tap on just the jab button. ring finger hits the button first, then the middle finger, lastly the pointer finger. 6 inputs in less then a second including the negative edge action.

Yeah the video does mention that in the one button reversal “The only advantage this reversal has is that you will always get the desired punch or kick to come out”

But it would be nice if it the piano roll tech shows the downside as well. I emailed the admins about this to see if they can add it to the vid.

There is some other stuff about it. Chun’s only 2 frame reversal is roundhouse upkicks: if she gets jumped the right way, using short of forward will allow the enemy to land, block and punish. Ryu and Ken jab shoryukens have much smaller vulnerable hitboxes: those are the only versions that will allow them to escape meaty projectiles if they are not to hit near the back. Also, if a shoto knocks down the other and have him wake up on a shoryuken, reversal fierce or strong shoryukens will get stuffed.

Similarly, I believe Guile can only avoid meaty projectiles with short flash kick.

Finally, I guess it does not matter much, but Akuma’s short tatsu, while completely invulnerable until active like the others, is the only one that does not hit on the way up.

Shit! I never knew that! I suppose most people don’t… Yet another reason to never use fierce or strong rising hawks. Not to mention those are free cr.fw xx super with bar.