"Reversal" Close Strong?

Hey guys, here’s something I noticed awhile ago in DC training mode…

I generally tend to block first on wakeup, so I have a problem with Ken players (others, but it’s mainly them) who throw right as I get up. I went into parry training and recorded a dummy doing this, to see just how many solutions there are to this.

For the hell of it, I decided to use close s.strong as I got up. To my surprise, it actually beat the throw! I kept recording the dummy doing this, and no matter how well I timed his throw, I was still able to beat it with the close strong.

Am I missing something here, or is this actually a legit tactic?


P.S. Something else I learned from that training session: Don’t backdash when you’re being pressured in the corner. He doesn’t seem to be invincible or airborne at any point during it, as I was never able to make throws whiff with it.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Oro’s launcher has 5 frames of startup, so most light attacks and even some medium attacks can beat it even if they don’t press the button until you’ve finished getting up.

And Ken will just waste your ass with a Shippu combo nine times out of ten if you attempt it on him.

Right, I’m not saying this is something you do half the time you get up or anything. Just that if it does actually work, it’s good to try occasionally based on the reward alone.

I should see if it also works on command grabs, now THAT could be useful…


hmm, so you’re saying if i throw a standing strong, it might beat ken’s low short low short super, low strong, close standning strong or throw? hahaha that’s a lot of stuff it beats out…would you say it’s better than parrying?

Nono, he’s just saying that it’ll beat a throw. There’s no way it’ll beat any of Ken’s normals on Oro’s wakeup.

BTW, Karathrow’s dash table shows that Oro actually is in the air during his backdash. You’re probably getting tossed during his startup or recovery.