ReveLAtions June 10 - 12

Hype on the stream

my boy StayFREEEEE STAY FREEEEE, I wanna know what the rankings were though who placed and such. Stay Free for Evo 2k11

I wanna know them too. And any idea about uploaded vids?
Probably not…

  1. Satoshi (Makoto)
  2. OmniSScythe (Makoto)
  3. Zong One (Carl)
  4. DSMoove12 (Noel)
  5. 2GB Combo (Noel)
  6. CopperDabbit (Arakune)
  7. Xie (Platinum)
  8. Dacidbro (Bang)
    You can watch previous vids on the the stream link but bbvlog on youtube uploads many of the matches.

I want more Rachel :frowning:
But thanks for te link, I’m gonna check it out.

We should rename DSmove to 2DSmove for all that 2D spam lol