Reusing madcatz alpha boards in a new case

Theoretically could I replace the stick and buttons on the mad catz alpha and move the board, cords, buttons, and joystick into a new hardwood case and how would I do that?

Shouldn’t be too hard since the Alpha uses quick disconnects…

None of the Alpha sticks I’ve modded had quick disconnects on the buttons, you sure you’re not thinking of the JST plugs on the pcb?

sup gahrling!!

can you post some pics

im thinking of snagging a couple, sometimes they pop up on ebay for cheap

although im not sure what for!!! i only got a ps3!!!


They are beyond crap. If you just want the pcb there are better option.

oh no, after a brief venture to an elightened realm they have gone back to madcrapz

Really? I thought they did. I was going through the old thread and there was mention of .110s going around.

They have that size tabs, but the wire harness is soldered to them. You could cut/desolder the wires and crimp on qds.

these are going for £29.99 brand new in UK

is it a hassel free solderless pcb swap??

i want to put the pcb in a nubytech, just need 6 attack buttons, and start/option/home

@gahrling ??

From a quick look at some PCB photos, the buttons and joystick can be done without soldering (though you’d need to crimp QDs onto the button wires. The joystick uses a 5-pin connection, so if you’re using an american stick you’d need to do crimping for that as well). If you separate the wires of the ribbon cables, you could make the aux functions solderless (including S/O/H) too, assuming the buttons you’re using for those functions take quick disconnects as well. I’m not sure about the USB cable, but at worst you could just neutrik it.

There’s nothing solderless about them, dude. Molten metal is unavoidable because the wires coming from a Alpha pcb are so fucking embarrassingly short they won’t reach the parts in a Nubytech.

Agreed. And whats is with people too afraid to learn soldering?
When I was a kid you could not pass Middle school without basic soldering skills.

Now people don’t even know how to turn a wrench, sew on a button or cook hot dogs and mac N cheese.



dont get me wrong, ive done some soldering for personal use sticks, but im not happy to pass it on, the pcb would go in a stick to sell

i would feel bad selling a stick that ive done soldering on

Why? It is a basic means of securing wiring and building circuits.
If all you have to to is spice wires together, that one of the easiest things to solder and one of the cleanest ways to splice two separate wires.

Before you solder, add to one wire some heat shrink tubing and side it down so it not be effected by the soldering iron, twist two wires together touch it with an iron till solder can melt from the heat of the wire.
Make your bond, when it cools a bit, slide your tubing over and shrink it with a heat gun or lighter.