Returning to fighting games. Arcade Stick suggestions?

Hello all. New here and basically returning to fighting games on PC and my Xbox One. Played a lot in arcades many many years ago and just looking for any tips/suggestions on sticks. I currently only have Killer Instinct, SSF4, KOF between my Xbox and PC, but I plan on playing just about anything that I can get my hands on in the future. I’ve tried looking up different information online but I’m mostly running into a problem finding much for sticks that work with the Xbox One. I seem to mostly come across Xbox 360 reviews for arcade sticks. The main two I’ve seen information on is Razer’s Atrox and the KI Tournament Edition 2 stick.

I was mostly curious if anyone has/used the Atrox for Xbox One and if you think it’d be a good choice to go with. I guess what I mostly want is good quality, reliable, and just a solid purchase to play most fighting games on.
Any info or even suggestions on other arcade sticks in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Try asking here:

Oh, seriously missed that thread. Sorry :x

No worries. It was linked in the newbies guide thread. Keep your eyes open 99% of new player questions have been excellently answered in the stickied threads.