Retro Rumble 2018 | 9/8 & 9/9 | Hartford, CT | SFV, DBFZ, 3S, ST | Freeplay arcade cabs

Click here to register on! Registration ends 9/1.


Now in its 4th year, Retroworld Expo is a celebration of Classic and Retro Video Gaming that is driven by Vendors, Exhibitors, Panelists, Tournaments and a robust Freeplay Arcade & Console Gaming area. RetroWorld Expo brings gamers and retro enthusiasts from all over the country (and beyond) together for an awesome event to look forward to every year.


Founded in 2015 Great Value Smash is team of hard working, and dedicated volunteers committed to creating professional, high quality, detail oriented tournament experiences. GVS is led by Justin [paperfairy] Mills, employee and diehard servant for the FGC. He boasts 16 years of competition experience and has staffed Genesis, COMBO BREAKER, Shine, Dreamhack & the Brawlhalla World Circuit.


Expo Ticket: Saturday: $25 · Sunday: $20 · Weekend: $40
:moneybag: Use code Rumble5 to get up to 20% off your Expo ticket.

Players attending on Saturday may register for SSB4 or SFV:AE. ($10)
Players attending on Sunday may register for PM or DBFZ. ($10)
SSB64, 3S, & ST will be offered both days. ($1)


Registration deadline is 9/1/2018 · 11:59 PM EST.
Attempting to register after this point will incur a $20 late registration fee .
Players registering after the deadline will not be appropriately seeded.

SSB4 & SFV:AE will cap at 80 entrants.
PM & DBFZ will cap at 72 entrants.


  • Hosted at a 60,000 square foot retro gaming expo.
  • Freeplay arcade cabinets for Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, & more!
  • Located in the heart of downtown Hartford , surrounded by the CT’s finest!
  • Guests like Anthony Kung Lao Marquez, NBA Jam’s Tim Kitzrow, Bob Mr. Bucklund Backlund, Daniel Johnny CagePesina & more announced each day.
  • Exhibitors and vendors with retro accessories, games and merchandise for gamers old and new.


  • Competitions begin and end in one day - no housing required.
  • Tons of casual setups for once your bracket run has ended.
  • 8-player mini tournaments for Smash 64, Super Turbo & Third Strike - perfect for grinding out tournament sets in a fast and fun way!
  • Talented players from all over the Atlantic North and even some guests from SoCal…
  • New waterfall format allows for tons of competitive sets at your skill level!


Waterfall style competitions, originally developed by the SSB64 community, are designed to provide attendees the greatest bang for their buck. Players are assigned small pools where their tasks is to defeat as many other players as possible.

Top performers in each pool get elevated to the next division, where more fearsome foes await them. This format allows for a high volume of serious tournament sets, helping players level up faster than a normal bracket.


Player are seeded into divisions based on skill level, like seeding for a normal tournament. Remaining players will begin in one of eight of the lowest division pools, seperated by region to avoid playing your homies.

Competitors will play in their division, and the top 3 performers from each pool will be promoted to the next division, which will have four pools. Play continues as such until there are only 12 players left, which will a normal double elimination bracket.