Results! X-Men Vs Street Fighter EVO with $350.00 guaranteed for 1st place!

**X-Men Vs Street Fighter (30 entrants)

1st. Joker (Mag/Storm) - loses to LMX**
2nd. LMX (Wolv/Charlie/Storm) - loses to Joker, Dogface
3rd. Dogface (Wolv/Cammy/Ryu) - loses to Joker, LMX
4th. Asian Demon (Chun/Storm) - loses to Joker, LMX
5th (tie) MegamanDS (Storm/Cyke) - loses to Joker,LMX
5th (tie) Azn Retro (Cyke/Chun) - loses to Asian Demon twice)
7th (tie) MKP (Storm/Mags) - loses to Asian Demon, MegamanDS
7th (tie) Shiro (Storm/Chun) - loses to Dogface, Azn Retro

XvSF World Cup: US vs Canada 4v4 - Canada wins!
Most Valuable Player Award goes to Tampa’s own Asian Demon!**


-EVO2k9 Champion LMX is almost sent to losers by Socal FFA resident Chuck AKA Soz. The match came down to the last game, last character. LMX clutched it out but it was a reminder to everyone that no one is safe in XvSF.

-Middle Kingpin emerges this year super buff and shall now be known as Muscle Kingpin

-EVO2k10 should be call the “Coin-toss Confrontation.” Since *one *setup couldn’t accommodate the US and Japanese setups, players were forced to let a coin toss decide which setup to play on. This lead to many crazy antics and surprising upsets.

-Top Canadian powerhouse Middle Kingpin is sent to losers by Tampa’s own Asian Demon, and eliminated by MegamanDS. Middle Kingpin would get his revenge. . .

-Joker and LMX have one of the craziest finals in history. LMX is sent to loser by Dogface, but fights his way out and faces Joker in Grand Finals. LMX defeats Joker the first set to reset the score. LMX was just a few wins from making history as a two-time EVO XvSF World Champion, but Joker got his fire back and won!! This was Joker’s first EVO win!!

-XvSF Legend Toxy stopped by to watch the finals and play some casuals. Despite having not played the game in years, he got his mojo going and dusted the rust off. Watching him vs LMX Charlie/Wolv mirror match was too much!

-Joker and MegamanDS were inducted into the XvSF Hall of Fame and played their ft5 match with no infinites. Joker won 5/4. It was like watching a master class in Mag/Storm.

-The US vs Canada showdown was held in room 642, with a magnificent view of the city of Vegas and the pool below. This provided the backdrop for the epic showdown to come.

-Canadian players Shiro420 and Azn Retro competed for the 4th spot in Team Canada. Azn Retro won the spot.

Team Canada was Azn Retro, Middle Kingpin, LMX and Joker. Team USA was Fanatiq, Dogface, MegamanDS and Asian Demon.

Fanatiq loses to Azn Retro. Azn Retro loses to Dogface. Middle Kingpin eats his Chinses spinach, and beats Dogface, MegamanDS and Asian Demon in a row to take the World Cup back to Canada!!

-Money match galore! (Guys, hit me up with corrections or reminders so I can post them all)

Dogface vs Joker 2/3 (infinites) - Dogface wins
Joker vs Dogface 2/3 (no infinites) - Joker wins
Middle Kingpin vs Dogface 3/5 (no infinites) - Middle Kingpin wins
Dogface vs LMX 2/3 (Shotos only) - Dogface wins
LMX vs MegamanDS funny match (opponent picks 1 char for opponent) - LMX wins
Shiro420 vs Fanatiq 2/3 (infinites) - Fanatiq win the first set, Shiro420 wins the runback

I know there’s more guys, so let me know!

On a different note, this was by far the best XvSF year to date. The skill level was immense, the turney tough, and the comp fierce. But outside of that, some of the best moments came from joking around and swapping strats. I’m so confident that the future of XvSF is in good hands.

And the final highlight was the champagne toast to the game that brought us all together: X-Men Vs Street Fighter.

Thanks guys!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and KINGS!?

-Lewis Carroll

The time has come everyone. The time you have ALL been waiting for!
X-Men Vs Street Fighter at EVO2k10!!!**

This year is guaranteed to be hype with many special events taking place!

First thing: X-Men Vs Street Fighter singles tournament with $350.00 for first place!

Canadian player Joker has graciously donated $350.00 from his own pocket to go to 1st place. If that’s not hype, I don’t know what is!

So the tournament is 2/3 Double Elimination.
$5 to enter, with the pot being divided so forth:

1st place gets $350.00 + 70% of entry fees, 2nd place gets 20% of entry fees, 3rd place gets 10% of entry fees.

A free UDON Capcom themed comic book to every entrant while supplies last.

Takes place Friday, July 9th. Signups start at 11:00. Tournament starts at 12:00 p.m. Played on the actual XvSF arcade board via Supergun.

And Season’s Beatings tournament director Ghaleon has confirmed that the winner of EVO 2k10’s XvSF Tournament will get seeded at the Season’s Beatings XvSF Tournament later this year!

Note: If you are entered in other games (ie Super Street Fighter 4) and you have either daytime pools, or nighttime pools, let me or other XvSF turney directors know. We will try to accommodate. The bracket will be posted by 12:00p.m. So you can come look and get an idea of when your match should be. But if you are not present nearing the time when your match is to be played, and we call your name 3 TIMES with no response, you will be disqualified. All the die-hard XvSF players will be there at the machine, so it’s not fair to them to hold up the turney for casual players who are more focused on other games.

But if you love X-Men Vs Street Fighter, then check out this tournament!

A few players featured to appear include:

LMX: Canadian Top Player and 2k9 XvSF World Champion!!

Justin Wong: Greatest player in the United States, 2k8 XvSf World Champion and top 3 in 2k6!

MegamanDS: 2nd place in XvSF in 2k9, top 3 in 2k6!!

Dogface: 2k5 World Champion, 3rd place in 2k8, 2k9 and top 3 in 2k6!!

MiddleKingpin: 4th place in 2k9 and top Canadian player!!

Joker: 2k8 Canadian National Champion and 4th place in 2k8!!

Shiro420: Top Canadian player and combo video maestro!!

And don’t forget the other amazing players from all over the world! Aznretro, Sabre, AsianDemon, Fanatiq etc!

Since 2005 I’ve made sure XvSF was at EVO, and this is my last year bringing it, so this year is gonna be hype!

MiddleKingpin is bringing his XvSF Supergun so we’ll have 2 setups!!

Second thing: the exciting Canada vs U.S.A. Rematch!! **
In 2k8, Justin Wong single-handedly defeated Team Canada. But in 2k9, Team Canada got their revenge! Now, third times a charm and we’ll finally answer the question once and for all:

Which country is the best at X-Men Vs Street Fighter?!

This event will most likely follow the singles tournament.

Third and final thing is the introduction of the X-Men Vs Street Fighter Hall of Fame!!

MegamanDS has been a top XvSF player since 2004. In 2005 he defeated the legendary David Lee to win the James Games XvSF tournament. Later that year he was 2nd place at EVO, and top 3 in 2k6 (where he was the only player to beat Justin Wong, sending him to losers). He also was 2nd place in the Family Fun XvSF Ranbat series. Finally, MegamanDS was 2nd place at EVO2k9.

Joker is legendary both online and off. Going back to the Kaillera days, when XvSF transcended typical arcade play. His Mag/Storm is often thought to be inhuman, and he must be abusing macros. But no, Joker pulls those combos off by hand with godlike execution. Joker defeated Justin Wong at Canada’s famous T series in 2k8, becoming the Canadian National Champion!

These two are both getting inducted in to the X-Men Vs Street Fighter Hall of Fame and to commemorate the event, will play each other in a ft5!

This event will most likely take place midday.

I’ll also be on the lookout for who will receive the award for XvSF’s 2k10 Most Valuable Player Award!!

I can’t wait to see everyone this year! Help me give my send-off to one of the most beloved fighting games of all time and look towards the future of X-Men Vs Street Fighter.

Fun Facts:

****-Both LMX and Justin Wong were sent to losers in their respective XvSF turneys (Toxy sent Justin to losers in 2k8, and MegmanDS sent LMX to losers in 2k9). Both Justin Wong and LMX faced Dogface in Loser’s Finals, who they defeated. Then they both then went to Grand Finals where they reset the score and won 1st place!!

Now, will LMX and Justin Wong cross paths this year? Justin was disqualified in 2k9, will he be around in 2k10?

They did face each other years ago . . .

-No one has ever won two EVO XvSF World Titles. Could LMX, Justin Wong or Dogface pull it off and make history?!

-There was no X-Men Vs Street Fighter tournament in 2k7. Instead, Dogface ran a King Of The Machine style event but due to low turnout, the turney was canceled and XvSF was left on free play for casuals.

-Japanese players have participated in XvSF in EVOs past. Suprisingly, although godlike in XvSF, and at EVOs 2k5 and 2k7, Japanese Top Player BAS has never entered an XvSF turney at EVO. Instead partcipating only in some fun ft5s or casuals. It was Third Strike titan and Kuroda’s disciple MOV that entered in 2k5 for fun.

Before 3v3!
Before PS3 and Xbox360!
Before 3-D!
Before MvC3!

There was 2v2.
Let’s go back to where it all began, the original Capcom VS game!!

See you guys in Vegas!!

Still hungry for more X-Men Vs Street Fighter?

Take a peak at these trailers from years past:)

YouTube - Shiro420’s Channel

YouTube - RoTeNdO’s Channel

That’s pretty serious man. Can’t wait to see this in person!

pretty epic

may get on to practice sometime. but probably not. sign me up vic. ill try to be in the ball room during the day this year. also what day is this? friday or saturday?

Thanks Pat! Fixed it, turney is Friday;)

Ghaleon, I pmed you buddy!

This should be fun ;D.

I remember this epic as fuck match where it was down to the wire between a wolvie vs chun li in the finals, and wolvie was about to get chipped by chuns lightning kick super, when he pushblocked in the middle of it and got her in a air grab. i was like WWWTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF O.o

Canada is rolling in deep peeps.

Just to start some hype, I would like to MM Megaman DS, Dogface and Toxy.

This is the last xvsf that Dogface is running at evo so lets make this special


Edit: A MM that happened 3 days ago:

We have a problem with our supergun/board where time to time the screen frame skips randomly. Wondering if someone knows how to fix it? If we hook up Vics board then we can find out whats the problem.

Middlekingpin vs Joker Part 1:

Make sure the cameras are rolling!

I still suck at this game, but gonna join anyways. Dogface is too nice to disappoint. :tup:


I’d love to MM! I PMed MKP about the Supergun. I wonder why it’s doing that. We’ll try with my XSF board.


Thanks man:) I have a Gold War Machine trophy I made last year for MvC1. You can have it if you can use it.

If I can fit it (I should – I’m not packing a lot)I’ll have my 18-in-1 CPS2 board w/ version 2 XvSF if you guys need it.

Too serious! Lets do this Joker!

Edit: $350 to 1st place? Jeez, I need to get my practice on!


Wow… I am so hyped this year its going to be a blast!
Really hope to play everyone again! Toxy and Jwong joining this would be tight!

I hope everyone is ready in a week!



Hey guys,

I ordered some trophies today. They are nothing extravagant (think gold plastic) but just a nice prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers.

Plus, a MVP trophy and a World Cup for U.S. vs Canada!!

This year is gonna be a blast.

I’m thinking the best order to do things would be something like (approximate and open to change):

11:00 a.m. - Signups and make bracket (bracket will be posted once finished)
12:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. Singles Tournament.
3:00 - 4:00 pm. MegamanDS vs Joker Hall of Fame ft5
4:00 - 7:00 Resume and finish Singles Tournament
7:00 - 8:00 USA vs Canada World Cup rematch

I want to finish it all in one day and then Saturday the cabinet(s) can be open for free play, casuals, money matches. I would like to limit the amount of casuals during the actual tournament, so as not to take time away from the turney.

And MKP may be providing an additional Supergun, but we are still in need of a t.v. I’m looking around but if anyone has any hookups in Vegas, let me know. Providing a t.v. = swag and free entry fee:)

See you guys in a week!!


hi Vic.
what we need is not a TV but a VGA compatible monitor.
The Gun can be usedfor casuals.

MM anyone any amount

It is unfortunate that I will not be attending Evo this year due to work. Wish I was able to take off, but we’re currently working hard on our current project.

Shout outs to all the Evo XvSF regulars. I’m planning to carry on the torch of running XvSF tourneys at Evo, though would like Vic to still head it if possible.

Please, please, someone record these matches!

How about a 19" CRT monitor? It’s collecting dust in my garage at the moment, so it shouldn’t be a problem to provide that.

ill b recording most of the matches. would b godlike if i can borrow someones tripod for my digital camera. ill post vids at the latest a week after evo.

bernie if u can bring the crt that would b goflike. nos we need something to output sound

I think I can fit my tripod into my suitcase – I’ll have my digicam as a backup too

aznretro: I’ve got speakers too. What exactly is the sound output on your supergun? Standard red/white composite?


Anyway, I encourage anyone who isn’t a fan of XSF to swing by and watch the tournament. I used to just think it was MvC2 for combo scrubs, but after playing the game and watching the tournament last year, I realized it really is a much more solid game than I had been giving it credit for.