Results - Gosu SSF4 Challenge #3.2 - Fairfax, VA - 09/18

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the tournament. Enjoyed the 3S training mode courtesy of Eric K. Next It’s Gosu tournament will be in October 9, 2010. Will be posting the current point distribution soon. Side tournament for next month is currently pending. Suggestions for side tournaments are welcome preferably ones that will generate a decent turn out.

1 Lud - $120
2 Eric Kim - $60 and venue fee waived for Iconz’s Major, Til the Brackets Drop.
3 Magman - $20
4 Kenutty
5 IGETSalty
5 Jaguar
7 datniceguy
9 Dinh
9 Klops
9 Eujeje
9 Zerp

Side Tournament Results:
2 Mauric - $15
… don’t know the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

GGAC (4-man round robin):
1 Abominable k - $20
2 Sesshryu
3 Me
4 NagorbMan

I forgot to check my placing in CS before I left :frowning:

Oh well, fuck that game.

lol, I just wanted to get back to playing more GG. GS on GG man, thanks for coming, it’s been so long since I’ve played against other people. I just wasn’t clutching it, dropping combo’s and iad’s left and right.

could we update the winner of the waived venue fee to Eric Kim instead of Lud? He won his from Xanadu. He’s an entry fee monster. Thanks and good job to everyone. I was working yesterday so couldn’t make it.


Total points distribution are now posted on Thanks everyone for coming out. See you guys again on October 9, 2010.