Results from December SW Regional

1st Magneto-X
2nd AsianHitler
3rd Carnevil
4th Ranma0005

1st Team Guild Wars Rules/Vinny is drunk - Joe R, Carnevil, Vinnyman
2nd Team New Orleans hates the cabinet - Magneto-X, Vegita-X, Marvelous One
3rd Team Upset - Ron-O, Rudy, The American Dream
4th Team We Don’t Play Anymore - Jummpeee, Ranma0005, AsianHitler

Tekken DR
1st DJ Kor
2nd Slim
3rd Kaito
4th Crow

1st Team Beaner Denied - Crow, Slim, Luis
2nd Team Judgement - AsianHitler, Surf n Destroy, LCM
3rd Team I Love Black People - DJ Kor, l337v1n337, OneThreeFour
4th Team Fubar - Fubarduck, Magneto-X, Chris Dat

3rd Strike
1st Fubarduck
2nd AsianHitler
3rd Marvelous One
4th Avril

1st Team Fubar - Fubarduck, AsianHitler, Jaime
2nd Team Vietnam - RushDownNinja, Lang, Chris Dat
3rd Team Boyz n Business - Marvelous One, Evil Dictator, Ron-O

throw him outta the gigas! knee him in stomach!

good shit to chriz creezy
duane pat
vinnz and brad
good shit to all top placerz

This was a great tourney! Actually a really good one for my first tourney in general. Nice to be in such a friendly environment. Big thanks to J.D. and Dante for letting me on their team despite being a really sucky Ken.

BTW, I saw some people taping some 3S matches. Does anyone know if I can get some of those matches?

I taped a bunch of the 3s matches with a bit of a bias on the new orleans players. (I was the goon carrying the tripod) I will put them up on youtube eventually and I kind of want to write the player names down so if anyone had the bracket lists for the two 3s tournaments that would be cool. Otherwise I can just have people call themselves out when they are up.

I only have the few team matches that involves the NO teams, but I got a bunch of the singles matches.

BTW, next time there’s a tournament and I’m there and you want your footage taped just let me know.

That’s cool. I’ll just check the thread later for youtube links. Thanks ahead of time! :wgrin:

…way to rep Guild Wars Joe and Vinny! <3

BS i tellz ya!

I wanted to gigas akuma’s teleport. ;\

Team New Orleans hates the cabinet - Magneto-X, Vegita-X, Marvelous One. I couldve sworn it was team Pre-Katrina :frowning: That has a nice ring to it also though.

Besides the MvC2 cabinet I had fun :/. Glad some NO peeps came down. I may be home soon mofos. GGs in 3s and mvc2 to whoever I played. Chun-li is not fun to play against with Urien. Happy Holidays Bitches!!!

Best FUCKING name EVER!:rofl:

R.I.P PlanetZero

No more Acarde Tournys for me…PZ is DONE…
Say Chirs if u need help running Texashowdown next year it me up…I’m not going to enter b/c I know if i do I’m going to break the cabinets if I play on it again…
Don’t mind losing but when its me vs the cabinet and the person I’m playing …well there is only so much a person can take…

I have a lot of matches from this tournament put up and a few from the one in the summer. There are a lot of names that I don’t know so if anyone could fill me in on them it would be appreciated, otherwise just enjoy these. I
’m starting to think the effort to record these isn’t really worth it since I’m thinking no one will notice anyways.