Resident Evil 5 co-op friends

It’s officially out now, come here to post your PSN ID so you can have others be scared (or tense) with.

Most of the consumer polls show that RE5 is the most anticipated game of 2009 so far.

The latest poll on Gamefaqs showed RE5 holding a 2/1 lead over SFIV in terms of being the most anticipated release. It even beat of God of War III and Killzone 2.

CAPCOM is looking at a pretty healthy fiscal year with SFIV and RE5 alone.

im deff down, im the same only tekken sdf and resident evil, also FF but thats different, my psn is - Aleri_XV

I played it. Was pretty good. It’s got some big shoes to fill following 4.

Ill be waiting… SF4 /Re5/ Killzone 3/Tekken 6/ Blazblue… all the game im looking forward to.

Cool cant wait for the demo

i’ll play the demo with you guys. must wait for my tax refund to buy the game later down the road though.

i can’t wait for this demo

i’ll probably play it a million times like i did with the mgs4 demo lol

Xbox gets this demo tomorrow lol. Im down on this though.

Bout time we get a demo. Can’t wait!

This Monday, the demo comes out for the UK! That means if you live in the United States, you oughta make a fake account if you haven’t already…

The game is solid but will take some time to get use to RE style controls.

Trying to connect to an established game is pretty frustrating and I’ve already encountered multiple disconnects. However, hosting a game seems to be really smooth and I haven’t had any issues with that. Here’s hoping that the PSN has a more stable connection but knowing the PSN’s track record that seems doubtful.

RE5 demo is up on the japanese PSN. Don’t worry the voices and menus are in english and only the credits are in japanese.

The NA version of the demo should be released on Tuesday Feb 3rd from what I’ve been reading.

Dowloading now. Hit me up on the PS Tres so we can play.

PSN: Cavintine

OH FUCK YEAH! This game is badass. They had me me as soon as they said 2 Player Co-op (Offline). Now like I said in the other thread. Just toss in some throwback RE costumes to unlock, and maybe some goofy costumes (you know how they) and we have ourselves a winner. Scary? Not from what I played. Intense heart racing suspense? Plenty.

can someone explain the invite system to me? im trying to join with a friend. he managed to send me an invite, but i dont know how to accept. i go to “join game session” and although he sent me an invite, its not showing up

edit: okay so, i even tied going to XMB and hit the “invite” or “accept invite” from the players name after pressing triangle. still not working. they need some type of in-game invite system. this is annoying.

I loved the feel of the game. though wtf on the switch of square and X. i kept pressing the wrong buttons for awhile.

My roommate on the other hand (total COD4 and 5 player) hated the demo, ever bit of it. Disliked the controls, didnt like the fact that he couldnt move and shoot. Didnt like the whole “conserve ammo” aspect of the game. I told him its just the learning curve you arent willing to learn.

Dead Space controls vs. RE5 controls, i find nothing wrong with the RE5 controls. I didnt move and shoot very often in dead space, plus playing countless hours of the Merc game in re4 i still got the controls down to beast re5.

The offline split screen i thought was done pretty well too. It has the same problems like halo3 split screen, but they off set the two, making them distinct to each his own.

quick question though, does the mic work online? cuz i thought i was hearing the sounds of the other person i was playing with through my mic, but he never said a word to me. We did own up the second level, neither of us ever came close to dying or needing help to fend off the hordes.

im a hardcore COD4 and COD5 player. Never spent more than 20 minutes in a row on a RE game and never owned one either.

The controls don’t bother me. Makes the game different enough to actually want to play it. It is a bit difficult to control and a little unreal seeing that you can’t move and shoot, but that just adds to the suspense because you gotta be extra careful.

I will admit that I would LOVE a full blown zombie game that has a similar game engine to COD. If you take the shooting style of COD and then add all the subtleties from RE5 then it would be fucking sweet.

Yeah this game actually has mic support unlike RE:Outbreak.

man this game is hard as hell at first lol. gotta get used to the controls and i keep running out of ammo. stupid villagers come out of the fuckin woodwork trying to attack me + the dumb executioner guy

gonna take some time getting used to

learn to shoot once in the foot, and they go down to their knees. Run up and uppercut/spinkick them. Saves ammo and is totally cool to see happen. Chris also has a neck snap from behind. Thank god the demo doesn’t have any of those things that turn into a bladed whip on their head.