Reset Parrys?

Just wanted to know if anybody else knew this, found this out when I was fighting the cmptr on traning. I was messing around on training with Dudley and I did, j.hp, and as soon as I landed on the floor I did SAI and the cmptr parried my super. This means that most reset jabs to other moves dont work which make some combos faulty. If anyone has ever seen the Q tutorial vid clawstrophobia on then they would have seen the clip where Q did a jab on a jumping in Ryu then dashed forward and pulled out SAII which hit but since Ryu air recovered that means he could have parried the DDC from Q. Just want to know if anybody else knew and what they think about it.


anytime the sprite flips “up” or goes back to a vertical/upright position when in the air, he will be able to parry whatever attack you decide to throw at him.

another way to spot this is if say, you’re doing a combo and “reset” your opponent midway thru the combo, you will see the combo counter come out. that means that the sequence has ended and (if your opponent is still in the air) your subsequent attacks will be escapable via a parry. or 2.

no man. Only supers can juggle them after a reset.


i don’t recall saying anything about what can or what can’t juggle after resets, buddy. i didn’t claim that say, Dudley can hit you with Jet Uppercut after resetting an opponent during an EX MGB combo. so i really don’t know why you’d wanna correct me.

if you read it carefuly, all i was saying is that if you “reset” your opponent, he will be able to parry whatever you try to hit him with after. like a super, since you’ve brought that up. and about the 2nd part of that post, i just wanted to say that when combo sequences end, the counter comes out and that’s one way you can tell if you’re being reset.


s. roundhouse -> EX MGB -> jab MGB -> c. roundhouse -> jab MGB -> c. roundhouse -> c. fierce (reset, combo counter will come out even if you’re still airborne)

now, as C Royd was saying, if Dudley decides to duck xx super after the c. fierce, you will be able to parry that super.

Technically speaking, ur statement is false:

"…when in the air, he will be able to parry whatever attack you decide to throw at him "

That’s a counter-exemple:

Imagine im Ryu and i do a close jab reset. I cant hit my opponnent with a roundhouse while hes in the air, cos, simply, it doesn’t hit him. If it doesn’t hit him, he can’t parry it. So he cant parry whatever attack u throw at him

Anyway, this is not a fighting theory conversation but a language one, and im sure u know that that Ryu’s example is indeed not possible.

When molehills become mountains…


i know that’s not possible. so perhaps i should have not used “whatever attack” and just said most (if not all) supers.

damn canadians…

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i think we’ve got some mis communication here. I wasnt trying to offend you. I actually read your post and thought you mean that when you said “whatever you try to hit him with”, you thought that they could parry “whatever you try to hit him with”.

shit…this sound weird…but i get what you’re saying.


no worries over here, bro. we all write dumb stuff every now and then. guess i wasn’t all together when i wrote that :lol:.

learning to parry resets are great. the characters that can do some nasty stuff with resets are… (first to come in mind): Dudley, Oro, and Makoto. Very painful stuff if you dont parry them…

Kind of like how you get too excited and let go of the joystick? I mean, I do that sometimes… rather embarassing. Like when I get reset and I’m intent on doing a super when I land, but end up getting hit while still in the air, so I end up accomplishing nothing anyways.

I find a good technique for parrying when reset is to react to whatever the opponent does. For example, dudley anti-airs you, you then see him duck under and react by pressing toward. This will most likely be timed properly enough to point-blank parry the first hit of the super that he’ll invariably do after the duck under. If you get reset in the corner, you’ll see some characters bob up and down when doing a super, that’s another cue.

It seems that after examining what I write, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.