Requesting multi charactar avatar

hey guys, i was wondering if anyone could make a avatar with a ken sprite(purple gi but any other color but the white one is fine, also with him doing his taunt or giving the peace sign toward the camera), and a akuma sprite (smoky grey gi with him either doing his taunt, or with his back turned to the camera and that sign on his back lit up) and if you can fit it, i would like a dudley sprite (black and white outfit – black boxing gloves, with him tossing his rose or doing jet upper)

for a background, i dont really mind, whatever looks best in your alls opinion.

Thank You WhoEver Is Brave Enough To Try This :lovin:

EDIT: some sprites i found, may or may not help you

av whore.

:arazz: i luv meh av’s :rofl:


wuzz gunna make it animated but i cant sorry… but i got to fit all three =]

Freakin Awsome. I Wub It!

ur welcome =]

i think the av would look better quality wise if you put this link for the avatar in edit avatar

crap, its saying retrieval of file unsuccesful or something, ill try agian.

did u do it in the url one?

yeah, this is what it says, i just tried a minute ago

Retrieval of remote file failed

ok try this then

or save this file

alright got it to work, i ended up saving the file then re uploading it in the av change area

ok now it looks good