Requesting 'Jump Ultimate/Super Star' Sprites

Hey Mishmash,

I’m working on a new avatar and I need some sprites from either of these two titles; so far, I can only find a handful.

What I’m actually looking for specifically is:

Gear Luffy (preferably taunt, gomu-gomu gatling aswell)

Naruto (damage taking frames)

Anything would be helpful, but if anyone can help me out I would really appeciate it.

P.S. I realize that shatta posted a link the the resourced thread, but it has died.


that site is just down all together…

I found a huge database of sprites for ‘Jump Ultimate Stars’:

woah cool site…i can make some nice av’s with this


Im thinking the same thing; what Id like to do is create an avatar fad with the JUS players that sports thier favorite koma deck with a: the name of that deck and b: the sprites of each battle character in said deck with some kind of uniform background (maybe with the jump pirate, haven`t thought it through enough yet)

What’s the best way to remove the background colour from these sprite sheets? I want to make a gif from some of the frames, but deleting the colour is tedious for some of the frames I need (really small portions of colour in certain areas).

^the background is not clear? if not, i would just use the magic eraser in photoshop. if the colors are similar though, i think you’re shit outta luck =/

Yeah, I guess magic eraser is the easiest way; sometimes it’s just such a pain in the ass, though.

wow these are some very good sprites.

edit: off topic,doesnt “Kyoujin” mean psychopath in Japanese?

Sorry Basik, I just saw this question.

I think it has various meanings, but lunatic/madman is one of them.