Requesting help with Logo Design

I need someone to create a logo for me.
As this is a personal project just pm me and I will send you specifics on it, I’d rather not post them on here. Don’t worry it’s nothing illegal or stupid.

What you looking for?

Someone is working on this so thanks to any other.

^damn canadians and their french-ass-ness.

So I wouldn’t be able to submit an entry?

I think Valaris would be open to any and all submissions. I tried working on one, but wasn’t feeling what I had created.

I couldn’t…feel it.

Bigworm I was kinda referring to you and Sas when I said someone was working on it :P. You have my specifications (or somewhat) so try it if you want :slight_smile:

K. I do have a good idea for a logo, just gotta put it down. What size you looking for? Like 200x200 pixels?

Any size really, I’m not limited by much.

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