Requesting AV pls. thanks

can anyone please make an avatar for me? like the ones you have?

team watts (BH, sent, CC) (with Radiant- at the bottom center). thanks. appreciate it much, also if im not asking a lot. please give me an avatar size and maybe a larger size so i can print it here and laminate it. thanks a lot.

send it to me:

*pretty please??

Wow, you want to print out and laminate an av…
(never thought of that idea)

nah… i still study at school. just for something to show off my friends. thanks

*sigh. still no replies

I guess I will do one

thanks bro. i appreciate it

It should be done sometime today. I’ve been busy with other crud.

ok. thanks

I wanted to put them in the order that you stated from left to right, but the way I ended with looked the best. Also, you can’t see the name at the bottom against a white background, but if it’s set against a dark background color, like SRK’s background, then you will see it.

whoa!!!. thanks dude. Cool!

just got it laminated now. LOL. i just edited the bottom part and placed navy blue color. cool dude. is it ok if i ask another one? this is the last. lol, im so happy i can show it off to each of my classmates. MSP same with RADIANT

Asking for another avatar within the very next day of getting a different av would be considered ‘excessive’ here. The best time to ask for a new av is at least 2 weeks later. But I don’t care if someone else decides to make an avatar now.

sorry. sits in the corner