Request lines are now open

Yo well im finally back and well i wanna make some av’s so…as long as its not to hard ill make it.Just plz provide the pics n stuff.

Sure man no prob…ill have it done in a bit.

Edit: Did you want your name in it?

Edit2: Well if u do tell me, i am done with it. Here ya go.

O shit son, nice, makey me one please lol.

um…here we go.

when hes at the end of his stance please, when his hands are all stretched out and stuff in that crazy victory pose

EDIT: almost forgot, be creative lol, and no name please, or if the name bareley takes up any room on it go ahead and add it

Ill have it done later on cuz rite now im goina go outside cuz im have a kickback :P.

Here ya go man,

As for free ill have it done soon =).

Edit: Heres yours free.

Would it be possible to get some stick art made for a dreaded fist template?

Man Free, you JUST requested an avatar from me yesterday.

What the fuck.

Lol. We loves ava’s? :angel:

I might have a new one for you to make too, if that’s okay? I just gotta find the sprite for it.


There’s a usual wait of TWO WEEKS before requesting another avatar from someone else, that way at least to the creator it doesn’t seem like their effort went to waste. Mine’s just two days if you want ot request from me a second / third / whatever time.

And didn’t you already requesting another one from me :P?

hey monkey, think you can hook me up with a new av? If you cant, tis cool. but if you can… anything really with storm with black and purple colors and name in there. :smile:

Yeah, true. ^_^; Sorry guys.

I appreciate all the effort you put into these. Keep up the good work!

I like avatars :stuck_out_tongue:

Could I get one with this in it please? Thanks

EDIT: Oh yeah for the name could you out OSB?

Ya sure.

Sure ill do it.

Pic doesnt work.

Hey man -

Not sure if this is gona be too tough or not, just lemme know.

I was wondering if you could take the .gif below and use the pose where he has the coat just above his head as the image. Place Dudley’s head and shoulders in the lower portion of the avatar and the coat be at the top. And if you could, put the test KrsJin in the lower right in whatever text you find fitting. Background colors up to you, I like your style with these ones I’ve seen.

Cheers dood.

Is this one working? Yeah like I said b4 please don’t put my SRK name cause its too long I would like it to be OSB thank you!

thanks in advance, monkey.

acutally EDIT… what about something with slayer… from guilty gear, kinda dark looking… maybe black and white? with name in right bottom corner maybe in red?

When you get a chance could you make a Jenet av? I’d like my name in the bottom right corner.

Joe heres yours.



Four Clonez-Done

TheStreetzKing-Sure thing.

ace_uno-Want her to be running?