Request: Illustrator Logo work, will trade or pay w/paypal

I’m looking for someone to help me design a logo to use, possibly for making into a silkscreen for a shirt later, maybe just for promotional services. My local skateboard shop Board City allows me to host game tournaments a few times a year, and our biggest event is Guitar hero, so I was looking for a logo based on the logo for “Guitar Hero 3: Legends of rock”


Basically all I want is a graphic that says “Board City” in the guitar hero font, and Legends of Rock, in the same font unchanged. I don’t plan on selling the items with this logo, only giving them as prizes since I’m not getting paid for them. (plus, I don’t want to be sued) If you can’t do Illustrator or vector based work, just a really large image done in photoshop is ok too.

As far as payment, I have some random arcade sticks I can trade, some Suicide Girls stuff, or you could just contact me about what you would want for creating this. I hardly have any money at all but I really need to come up with something for our event, so I can give paypal if need be. Thanks a bunch.

^ o0o0o i wanna take a crack at siz

ok after reading some stuff i found out it was hand written theres no real font or anything like that so is like a identical or close to looking one good

closest i could find

i searched for a while for this font and i think the only different is the outline and the kicks of lines on the guitar hero one

yeah, I tried doing it by myself with a pen, then with my Wacom tab, I just made some plain-old shitty looking stuff. As long as it looks close, I’m good, because I don’t think a font exists.

Oh wow, I didn’t see that before I posted up. That’s pretty close. Do you think you can manipulate that in something like PS or illustrator to make it look less linear?

^ ok lemme see

When do you need this by?

I might try myself ;3.

no hurry. Our event doesn’t happen till nov 4th, about a week after GH3 comes out.

I’m going to try and frankinize the title and then use illustrator.

See how it goes :looney:.

This is the small version… the official one is 3000x2400 pixels.

Though it’s not going transparent on the site for some reason, it IS in PNG format so you can put it over stuff and it’ll be transparent.

Everytime I try and go for this type of thing I get shot down before even starting up.



Don’t forget to make versions without gradient. Normal gradients won’t work for silk screens.

Didn’t know that, thanks for informing me! I’ll be sending you a version w/o gradient finalcut

LoL. I feel the same way.

Good shit epp1e! :tup:

Thanks a bunch you guys, its awesome that you guys were so quick to work on something like this. SRK=my heroes.