Request: For anyone willing and Capable, A Working FS3 Driver

I really like this stick and it’s been proven that the stick is capable of working on PC by the help of a driver filter(, and it would pretty awesome to use on GGPO, and DC emulators. OR maybe some tutorials and/or directions on how to swap the pcb out??

Extra Info:

-FS3 axis are recognized in MAME .117 (presumably other MAME types as well)
-Some have claimed to plugged their FS3 stick in and have full button capabilities, but the stick doesnt’t work
-I got the turbo light to blink!! That’s all though

information on the stick:

Drivers that have already been made and have worked for very very few due to incompatibility:

-Made By Guy Named Rale, It has been said that this driver keeps referring to an unknown file that can’t be found when viewed in hex editor. Driver allowed home button to be used as a switch from POV mode and Analog in windows
-Status: Compatible for some ( very few)

-Driver for regular ps3 controllers, works only with regular ps3 controllers, and contrary to popular belief or guess, it does not work with the FS3
-Status: Compatible for SOME (Possibly those with dual core processors), with FS3

by: aoneone
I used the ps3 sixaxis win 32 driver.

here is the link for it.

plug in your controller and run ps3sixaxis_en.exe

a cmd prompt should flash then go away.

if u wanna see whats in the cmd prompt start cmd from menu.

once you do that… press a button on your controller. for me i had to hold a button
for like 5 seconds.

then go to game controllers in control panel and see if you get input response.

go to mame and configure your controls it should work. worked fine for my fighting stick 3

threads and inquiries about PC compatibility: (Offers some possibilities others have found successful

*If link expires for driver D/L pm me, and I’ll get it too ya.

This is really helpfull. Nice of you to put all the links to all the drivers. That might work for some.

I’ve tried all of them before so I know they wont work for me but if you have not tried these yet than you should try them. Who knows you might get lucky. “You lucky bastard!!:wgrin:”

Annyway if you are some genius dude who can create from notting a driver for the Hori Fighting Stick 3 than you would be apreciated by so many people who have the same problem.

Yeah I heard a couple ppl have pm’d and emailed the guy who made it, but he hasn’t hinted on whether he would continue work on it.

I’d definitely like one for Mac OS X, too. I should just write it myself, being a computer science student with an FS3 and all, but … I’m lazy.

By default, it does work with SDLMAME, just not nearly as responsive as it should. Perhaps I should test it with the new -sixaxis option, but the FS3 makes everything run sluggish, and basically just crashes the OS.

My Mine was recognized in MAME as well. It recognized that axis but would not let me use them.

Any update on this???

I guess Leo Van Newhouse and I both got one today, because I came wandering into the tech support forum dejected and thinking there wouldn’t be any info…only to see two bumped threads about HFS3 compatability.

Any word if some awesome person is trying to make some drivers?

True, I got one today, cheap, and got it so that if it doesn’t work at all that I can get my money back :smiley: Of course, I rather have it work, cause it’s my first stick, and even if it doesn’t work I’m quite happy to have at least something to work with. That said, I’ve tried all the things posted in all threads on many forums with zero result. One post said there is a “switch” to set the stick to either left/right analog, and digital, but I opened it up, and can’t find anything that remotely looks like a switch. Could it be a jumper perhaps???

I think the switch you’re talking about is what the Home button does after you install the custom drivers, assuming the custom drivers work for you (they didn’t for me or most other people). I think our best hope at this point is soldering in a PSX PCB, then using the Pelican converter to play it on PS3 and PC.

The switch you describe that changes the stick to either analog stick or dpad is on the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3, so I think you might have mistaken that for the Hori FS3.

That’s quite an extreme solution. Then again, maybe that is our only solution.

It’s so infuriating that the stick works on some PCs and not others…I just plugged it into a neighbor’s computer and it detected all the inputs automatically. This would be the stick of my dreams if I could get my PC to cooperate with it…

There has to be something that those people have in common that make the stick work that we don’t have.

Yeah, I know, the HARP3 has that switch, but someone in a thread about the HFS3 posted that this had a switch as well, so that’s why I asked. I figured that person was wrong :smiley:

just a quick heads up, none of this shit works with vista

Fs3 wont word 4 me found a solution for it you guys

I wasn’t sure where to post this, but since this is more recent, I think it depends what kind of usb port you’re using. My desktop uses windows XP pro w/sp2 and I was able to just plug it in and it worked. I also was able to use this on my new laptop with vista home premium 64bit. I didn’t use any drivers. When I first tried it in my desktop, I plugged it in the front usb port and those are usb 1.3. It recognized the fighting stick 3 but the buttons didn’t register. Whenever I plugged it in the back to the usb 2.0 ports and it worked. I’ve used it in the gppo client and 2df client on both my computers. I hope this helps.

oh yea, don’t forget to check the game controllers and test it out there first.