Req: Hi-Res TEKKEN 6 JP Cabinet Button/Panel Layout

Requesting: High-Resolution TEKKEN 6 Japanese Cabinet Button/Panel Layout

Hi. Im about to do a custom stick.
And I was having some problem on deciding on what button/stick layout I wanted.

But after some thinking I decided that do to me mainly playing the tekken series I wanted to get a layout as close to the original Japanese tekken 6 arcade cabinet button layout as possible.
And while Im at it I might just try and do a rip-off of there panel design :smiley:

So am asking and hoping that one/more of you guys when visiting your local arcade the next time will take a picture directly above the buttons/stick and post a image here. The higher resolution the better :smiley:

//Best Regards Crimson4649

PS. if this is the wrong section to post this request please move it.

I realised now that I might not have bin quite as specific as I should.
Here is a little more info.

This is the panel I wanted a direct-above-picture of.

And this is how I was thinking the picture should turn out.
Except there will be buttons and a balltop showing instead of just the holes i have marked on this image.

Hopes this will give me a better chance of getting the picture Im looking for.

//Best Regards, Crimson4649

These games all use a modified version of the 6 button curved layout. There really isn’t anything to obtain specifically. Tekken, as shown in that picture just uses the first 4 buttons and either plugs up the rest or just don’t drill holes for them.

exactly :D

there not completely identical.
and thats enough for me to want to have a good picture of it and try to make my stick-layout the exact same.

so, no one?

You pretty much got everything you need in your mock up already. Unless you wanted a close up of the art surrounding the start button?

The thing is that I want my mock up to be as accurate as possible. There for I need a pretty good picture of the panel. As long as I dont have any good picture to go by my mock up will mainly consist of guessing, which is something I prefer to not do if possible.

And yes. It would be nice to have a close up picture of the art surrounding the start button to :smiley:


no it’s identical. by modified he just means they dont use the 2 buttons on the leftt.

   Still. I?m pretty sure that there is a few mm/cm deferens in the T6 panel layout from what some might consider the "typical 6-botton layout" to be.

no one?

so, what you’re saying is you want your stick to turn out to be EXACTLY like the T6 panel.

as stated by others in the thread, you pretty much have everything you need. what else do you want? the sticker for the game instructions?

wait, you said you wanted it to be as close to the T6 panel as possible? oh, then i guess you should go head to the tech forum and look in the stick layout / template thread for your typical six button layout.


A good picture of the panel :smiley:

And i still want the arwork as well :smiley:

sorry for bumping this post again. but can some one give me a good picture of the artwork around the start button?

you’re getting annoying.

I’ll try to get a pic for you in the next few days.

has anyone got a pic of the button layout found on the tekken 6 cabinets?

also are the button layouts on the korean and japan tekken 6 cabinets the same? i think theres a slight difference but not sure.

I want to bump this thread also. Allthough her’s a vid of the Tekken 6 Korean Cabinet - [media=youtube]J72z6Cly3XA[/media]

Where can I get those buttons? Are they Crown?

Well, another bump can’t hurt? Anyone got that picture yet? Can’t be to hard to take good pic of the panel, think of us who don’t even have played Tekken on arcade!

Tryin to get this art to fit in a HRAP3, just installed Photoshop…

Okey, I found something very interesting on this site while googling:

A TE Namco-art, looks nice.

Can someone please notice this thread and help me get the Namco-art to a HRAP3? I downloaded Photoshop and tried it out for myself but I didn’t get much done…

Big image