Req. Hi-Res of Wonder Showcase Cammy Art

I’m sure you all are familiar with it, as it apparently came out with some new figure/model. It looks pretty awesome, and I’d like a larger image of this, or at least a better picture of it in her original colors. Sadly, this is as best as I got via google-scavaging -
Any help would be appreciated, thx.

EDIT: Also, the artist’s name would be nice too.

Did some crapworthy detective work so I dunno if these are the right names but the names that showed up were Misumasa Yoshizawa, Yoshinori Yatake and SF’s very own Akiman. I’ll keep lookin’ for hi-res pics. They intrigue me…:tup:

I see. The first two names are the sculpter, and painter respectively, with AKIMAN providing the artwork. Still need them pics though ><.


They arent the sharpest, but mty scanner sucks.

7.7 MB total, so you’re browser might be slow.

^that first pic has some quality english.

I appreciate you hopping in, and helping, but these arent exactly what I’m looking for. :rofl:

I’m looking for a higher quality image of the artwork for that figure. Same as what i posted in the first post, just bigger, and in the normal colors like the second image at top.

black + red aren’t cammy’s normal colors.

It’s definitely a HUE of dark green, and it’s obviously meant to be the default pal, matching the first color the figure is available in.

definitely looked black in that first pic. my bads.

It’s all good.

holy fuck i want that figure

It may yet in fact be black… There really is no such thing as black ink or paint. All blacks are really just one color made SUPER dark and can often be seen in certain lighting. This statue might be black with green being the base color and it shows up under the lamp.

wow definitely one of nicest pics of cammy!!
i’d be interested in getting my hands on a larger image as well