Repost from Capcom-Unity (Blanka suggestions)

I honestly apologize if I am posting in the wrong place, but I am new to posting on this site. Mods feel free to move, please.

I have had it up to here with the willful ignorance of Capcom towards Blanka’s shortfalls in the Street Fighter 4 series. I made a thoughtful post on Capcom-Unity, and it went ignored. So I’d like to repost it here.

I’m not happy with Ultra.

I say this as a Blanka player. The changes that were made to Blanka are, for lack of a better word, lackluster. After the dust has settled, I do not find enjoyment in playing my favorite World Warrior, and while certain changes were welcome (HP roll knocking down on hit) they were not enough.

Blanka is clearly underrepresented in the tournament scene. Everyone knows why-- he flat out cannot compete at a competent level. Why? Because nearly all of his attacks are UNSAFE, punishable on hit, and he’s at frame disadvantage on his focus attack. He has no way to open turtles up outside of completely gimmicky, easily shut down tactics.

To remedy this, I suggest the following changes to Blanka:

Every rolling attack should knockdown on hit, except light punch. It is insane that you clearly recognize that being punished on hit is an issue, and you leave EX roll and mp. roll exactly as they are. As an ancillnry change, the rolls that cause knockdown should also cause a juggle state, keeping the combo possibilities intact.

Every version of Vertical ball needs to knockdown on hit. It’s great we can focus cancel out of them, but if we don’t waste 2 or 3 bars, we are still susceptible to being punished for scoring clean hits.

–** EX rolling attack needs to be projectile invincible until he lands**. Characters with slow projectiles can cause a check mate situation, where they are baiting out EX rolling attack, and both characters are on low health. Blanka scores a clean hit and is K.O.'d in the process of landing. This is not fair. (Blanka should not be invincible if rolling attack was blocked)

Remove the extra frame added to Surprise Forward’s recovery. This change was added to the entire cast to stop unblockables, but it renders Surprise Forward useless. There are times where I cancel cr. lp into hop only for Blanka to stand completely still allowing for full punishes from mashing players.

(I would really enjoy if Surprise Foward could have the same exact properties of Abel’s roll)

Change the motion for Shout of Earth (U2). This is extraordinarily overdue. This attack is far, far too difficult to pull off under pressure. The damage is really bad already so it’s insane that it’s that hard to pull off. I constantly mistakenly use U2 anti-air when I’m trying to use Ultra 1, because the silly input is too close to the motion for U1. On PS3 SSF4: AE, I was 16th place in the rankings as Blanka, and I’m currently 1st on Ultra (PS3). I say that because I want to stress that I know my character, and even I have a tough time pulling this attack off under pressure. Change the motion to 2 qcf or 2 hcf.

Increase positive frames on Blanka’s focus attack. Why Blanka is not at an advantage after using it is…inexplicable.

River run (slide) should be focus cancelable. When creating the character of Hakan, Capcom thought it was a great idea to give him the exact same move as Blanka, make it better by allowing it to combo, able to break focus, and making it able to be focused out of. Why shouldn’t Blanka be able to focus cancel it? This would help against his huge weakness: focus attacks, and light punch mashers.

Make Rock Crusher a normal overhead. These kinds of issues are what make me angry with Capcom. Why does Blanka have to charge his overhead attack? This is why he has trouble with turtling characters— he has no legitimate way to open up a defensive character. This would be a step in rectifying this issue.

Rainbow roll should go across the screen after hit or block, a la Ibuki. This move is nearly useless against competent opponents. After hit, block or focus, it should bounce Blanka safely to the other side.

Give Blanka an air throw. This one may sound a little silly, but air throws are silly anyway. Blanka can barely fight characters with slow projectiles and/or air throws, i.e. Guile, Poison, Chun Li, etc. If he jumps over the projectile spam, at least he’ll have some type of defense when they choose to follow their projectile.

Decrease start-up frames on EX electricity, or make it completely invincible, but not mashable. Blanka has terrible reversals, as they are far too slow to make an impact, hence why Ryu and Ken constantly use j. lk to beat every single one of Blanka’s anti-air attacks-- including light, medium and hard Vertical Ball. Allowing EX electricity to be a 3 frame reversal, or invincible reversal helps Blanka stave off relentless pressure. To make sure it isn’t overpowered, it can’t be sustained by mashing like the other electricity attacks.

All roll attacks trade with attacking players. In other words, you can’t jab Blanka while he is rolling in the air, unless the hits trade or he is hit by a special attack, such as Shoryuken. Blanka is the only character in the game that flings himself across the screen as a special move, that is completely stuffed by weak normals and mashable moves. Honda either trades or completely beats attacks with headbutt, as does Bison’s Psycho Crusher. This is unfair because this locks Blanka down against good opponents, as they just walk forward and tap light jab. If you try to slide, they focus the attack and punish heavily.

In conclusion, I believe these changes would make Blanka more competitive and address the glaring issues the character has. It will not significantly alter his good match-ups (of which there are FEW), but would be a great help vs. his bad match-ups, of which, there are too many.

His changes in Ultra did not buff him-- they were merely slight fixes to a character that clearly has a tough time with good opponents or characters.

Thank you for reading.

a lot of your changes are bad and would be effective nerfs. RFC is one of the few ways he can rack up damage and stun and you’d kill all practical combos for it.

u2 is fine

a lot of the changes you suggest are things that aren’t even problems(hop was never given an extra frame, etc.) so maybe you should do better research on the attributes of the character before saying things.

idk if you don’t like blanka at this point stop maining him, it made me way less stressed about playing the game.

Veserius you’re one of the main people I respect and follow on this site, as you (and perhaps LAU) have been the most transparent Blanka user that I’ve seen. I have used your guides and tips extensively.

But I have to respectfully disagree with (and look to dethrone) you.

Firstly, none of my changes would be nerfs; they are all overwhelmingly buffs. I’m not sure if you read the reasoning behind them, but I suggest you do if you haven’t.

Secondly, you said most of my changes are bad. I made 12 distinct points, so for most to be bad, 7 of my points would have to be bad.

  1. Every Rolling Attack should knock down on hit, except light punch. In addition, they should cause a juggle state.
  2. Every version of Vert Ball should knockdown on hit.
  3. EX Roll should be projectile invincible until Blanka lands, except on block.
  4. Remove the extra frame on Surprise Forward’s recovery
  5. Change Motion of Ultra 2 to either 2QCF or 2HCF
  6. Increase positive frames on Focus Attack
  7. River Run should be FADC
  8. Rock Crusher a normal overhead. ( Can retain the charge for extra dmg, but shouldn’t have to charge to hit overhead)
  9. Give Rainbow Ball the same properties ( except armor breaking) of Ibuki’s attack.
  10. Give Blanka an air throw
  11. Decrease start up frames of EX electricity, or make invincible on start up, a la Shoryuken.
  12. All Rolling Attacks beat (cleanly) or trades with characters that are attacking with a move other than a special.

You tell me, which seven out of twelve are bad and/or nerfs. I don’t see it at all.

There is an extra frame of recovery on hop. In AE and SSF4, I was able to consistently cancel any light punch into hop (through), land on the other side of my enemy and shock them before they had a chance to react if they weren’t mashing. I can no longer do this as consistently; Blanka will stand there for a split second. I immediately noticed this and went online to find out why. Combofiend said they added an extra frame to prevent unblockables. He said it was either that or deal with unblockables (LAME excuse).

U2 is NOT fine. Pulling that attack off under pressure is a huge issue. I’ve been using U2 exclusively for 4 years, and it’s still a pain in the butt. Not to mention that since I’ve been using the double Ultra, I’ve repeatedly used U2 when I was trying to do U1 because the inputs are too similar, especially under pressure. As a Blanka user, how can you turn down a 2 QCF Ultra? Does that make sense?

I love Blanka. Been using him since the original World Warrior. I’m not going to change my main. But I think it’s unfair that Capcom ignores us they way they do. My changes would make Blanka usable in a tournament.

Even T-Srai can’t win a major.

I didn’t respond to this because you obviously still don’t know what you are talking about. Being able to combo to RFC to ultra is one of the few things Blanka has going for him in ultra.

I said “a lot” not most.

1, 2, hurt his ability to convert combos

4 isn’t even a thing thats actually in the game

5 I could argue would dramatically change his game. It would help a lot vs. sagat but would give a lot of characters 0 chance to zone him when he’s already difficult to zone

6 was already a change he got

8 having the fastest overhead in the game that you can also combo out of would be cool, but on the other hand it’s also a very sloppy way to buff the character

9 rainbow ball being focusable is what makes it useless so your change wouldn’t do much to help him. the hdr style buff for it would be much more useful

10 this is pointless. nj.hp is already gdlk and he has strong aa already

11 it’s already had startup reduced, and making it invincible would invalidate ex upball almost completely as who doesn’t want a 5 frame invincible move that is +8 on block? It wold make dp fadc look downright fair

12 balls have always lost to well timed normals, and giving it a specific “invincible to normal moves” flag would be very lazy and awkward. it could certainly use a hitbox unnerfing and maybe having the travel speed increased, but overall making ball unable to be stuffed by some characters is nuts, and it would make horizontal ball a consistent half screen anti air.

Are you really saying a single Ultra would give a lot of characters 0 chance of zoning him or just less chances?

Could you explain how that would be sloppy?

How about making rainbow ball an attack throw?

I think the only characters that can semi reliably zone a good blanka are Sagat, Juri, and Guile, slide is just too strong of a tool vs. the rest and they are forced to play footsies. u2 as a motion would allow blanka to do better vs. sagat which would be great, but he would do much better vs. shotos/juri/deejay/sim which are characters he already has fair to better matchups against. It would also give him a top tier option select game. It wouldn’t really fix his inherent issues, but it would allow him to bully characters for no reason that he already beats.

Giving a character an unreactable overhead is a very very strong tool, especially if the frame differential between it and their lows is so small so you can’t reliably option select block it either. LIke it’d be strong, but it’s a lazy strong.

I’d just want it to be useful in some way.

Vee, you clearly trying to be PC against the inevitable wave of Blanka haters sure to ruin the thread.

You are being unreasonable and condescending as well.

I know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m 99% positive you edited that “most” into “a lot” while I was writing my reply. I can’t prove it, but I know what I saw. However, I’ll concede that point.

  1. and 2: I’m also positive you didn’t read my post thoroughly, as evidenced by you claiming my number 1 (and number 2) point hurt Jimmy’s ability to combo. I clearly stated that they should cause a juggle state, to allow him to continue (Super) combos or resets. If you’re asking that the opponent remain grounded after connecting with mp and EX roll, it is YOU that is requesting nerfs. The amount of meter burned for an effective mp or ex cancel is ludicrously outweighed by being able to land safely after a hit. I’m sorry but you are dead wrong. Cut it out.

  2. Yes it is. I’m not imagining this-- there was an extra frame added. Whenever I hop through an opponent, Blanka will stand there for a split second longer than usual. I have NEVER experienced this in AE or Super. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  3. Why is that a bad thing? Are you being serious right now? ‘It’d be hard for characters to zone him’? Like zoning is supposed to be the answer to Blanka or any of the cast? Why shouldn’t Blanka be able to be good against zoners? He’s hilariously weak to characters that turtle or are generally defensive, so you think it’s a good idea to keep him weak to zoning too? SMH.

  4. Could have fooled me. If it were a change, I haven’t noticed at all, cause I’m still being unfairly jabbed out of a potential combo.

  5. A buff is a buff-- there is no sloppy way to buff a character unless you introduce something completely broken. All I’m asking for is a NORMAL overhead. I didn’t ask for Blanka’s overhead to be the fastest in the game. The fact that he has to CHARGE an overhead makes his the WORST in the game.

  6. I could go with it being armor breaking. But my change would allow Blanka a corner escape, something he desperately needs against good players. As it is, any change would be welcome at this point, so why are you fighting my change at all?

  7. Ok, change rainbow ball into a command air throw, like Guy’s attack. It can still hit, but you can grab by pressing throw. I don’t like the idea that some characters have air throws and others don’t. Completely unfair. I’d be fine with the removal of it from the engine, but since it’s there, why not give Jimmy one? Aren’t you a Blanka player? Damn dude…

  8. I’m sorry, but what? EX electricity’s startup is GARBAGE. It needs to be a clean reversal. What’s the point of the attack otherwise? HP electricity nearly matches it in damage. You can reduce the positive frames on block, duh. It’s already hard to mash out in most cases. Again, aren’t you a Blanka user?

  9. This is where we are not going to be friends. Rolling attack is one of the WEAKEST special attacks in the game. It is stuffed by JABS (which was my point entirely). Why is it OK that Honda’s headbutt cleanly beats jabs and most normals? Why is it OK that Psycho Crusher does the same? Why is it OK that Vega can do his rolling attack with reckless abandon? Why is it OK for Balrog’s punches?

I’m honestly curious why you think it’s OK for Blanka’s attack to be stuffed by things other characters that use similar moves aren’t. I could argue Blanka has the worst verison of similar moves in the game:

A. Hakan’s slide is able to be focus canceled, has farther range and breaks armor.
B. Abel’s roll (Blanka’s Surprise Forward) cannot be jabbed/hit out of and he can block after he uses it.
C. Honda’s Headbutt and Bison’s Psycho crusher completely outclass Blanka ball.
D. Ibuki’s headstomp outclasses rainbow ball, and it isn’t close.
E. Hakan’s “coward crouch” is far faster than Blanka’s and has far less recovery.

So I’m just asking to level the playing field. As you’ve admitted, you’ve dropped the character so it’s good for you if Blanka stays the same. Not for me.

i like the idee for the overhead
but it should be 2 version
the charge slow version should stay like it is
and the other non charge version should be like -1 on hit or something like that

Ves is right. Your changes are not good, or just simply too good and lazy “fixes.”

-You complain about hop, but why are you trying to hop through people? That is not the purpose of the move. Sure, even the best Blanka players will do it on occasion, but that’s to keep people in check and condition them. If you are constantly doing st. jab xx hop, that’s your issue as a player. Learn how to play footsies bruh. (Oh, and there were no frames added to hop, either)

-Blanka got more positive frames on focus attack dash in because his forward dash time was decreased by one frame. Simple math.

-Making U2 a motion move would be completely unfair. There is a reason that Bison had his U2 changed from a motion to a charge. Shit like that isn’t fair for charge characters to have for the most part. Can you imagine being able to walk forward on a fire ball character, out of slide range, but be able to punish a fireball for 300+ damage? Not fair at all. Also, it doesn’t help any bad matchup besides Sagat (and what I’m starting to think Poison is, but that’s a different discussion)

-Making Rock Crusher not need the charge would give Blanka the best high low mixup in the game easily. Even better than Elena. Fastest overhead in the game into U1? Fucking crazy. Maybe tone down the time needed to make it an overhead, but not put it at the timing of the non overhead rock crusher. Again, unfair as fuck.

etc etc etc etc etc.

You clearly don’t understand SF4 or Blanka in this game very well. I’m not trying to be condescending, but it’s very obvious that you don’t really know what you are talking about. Sorry Th3Birdman. You aren’t going to win this argument homie.

I dont think ur changes are bad, but they are uninspired.

The rainbow change is one I suggested, it would be cool, you might be able to punish with a fadc backwards followed by something quick, but really the move is so sliw and crap it should be unpunishable if u block or focus attack it.

Blankas mp being 2 hits in a pc mod was great.

If his elec chip was 50 damage that would be really fun too.

If they left him with holes but gave him good stuff that was fun I might have bought ultra. But it looks like playing him is such a grind. Vote with ur wallet if ur unhappy

Or play Decapre, like the rest of us… =D

Then you don’t know me haha. Let’s begin.

(since your points aren’t numbered, I’ll address them in chronological order.)

–Why am I trying to hop through people? You serious? Let me get something straight here: Surprise forward is clearly, SPECIFICALLY, for hopping through unsuspecting players. That’s its entire purpose as a move. Look to the trials for evidence of this.

To further this point, Blanka’s forward/back dash are clearly superior to hop. You can be hit out of hop while using it as a back dash to get out of jump in pressure, yet cannot be hit (most of the time) if you just back dash. So, if you can close/create space far more efficiently with a normal dash, what is the purpose of hop again? I’ll tell you: If you drop your block string you can jab/short and hop backwards out of trouble or through the opponent to create a mix-up. That is the entire purpose of this special. Nowhere in my original post did I mention that I don’t footsie or that I constantly use hop-through to my detriment. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be able to mash jab against it, especially after a hit confirm. That’s basic.

–Just because it’s simple math doesn’t make it the correct thing to do. What is your point exactly, that you feel it’s OK to nerf an areas due to a nearly insignificant buff (in this case it’s a FIX, because for him to be negative at all is a farce)? I don’t like this slippery slope that you’re on.

–Hahahaha… changing Blanka’s U2 to a 2 QCF/B or 2 HCF/B is “unfair”? Do you realize you’re talking to a Blanka main… you know, a guy that has had to put up with being punished on hit for 5 years? Don’t talk to me about unfair. You’re going to have to show me how it’s unfair that a WEAK, non-comboable ultra being 2 QCF will be “unfair”. Yes it punishes zoners…um, kid have you forgotten the ludicrous amount of ultras that already do that? Sagat, Sakura, Dudley, Rufus, Decapre, Ken, Cammy, Vega, Bison, Rose, Chun li, Adon, Juri, Abel, Seth, El Fuerte, Balrog, etc ALL have fairly easy Ultras that punish a fireballer. Do you play SF4??
Blanka’s U2 is terrible. You can’t combo into it. It is mainly used to chip people, and it can barely do that well. Have you ever crumpled someone and used U2 ground? The damage is PATHETIC-- and the motion is quite ridiculous for that abysmal damage output. The anti-air version is so slow as to be unusable most of the time, because of the pretzel like motion. Being able to do it on reaction, a la Ryu’s U2 would significantly boost it.

– Where are you people getting that it’d be the fastest overhead in the game? I’m asking for it to be altered in such a way that it’ll be a NORMAL overhead, a la Ryu’s standing forward mp. Sure, keep the one you can charge, that’s fine, but REQUIRING it to be charged for it to hit overhead at all is insane.
And I’m sorry but you’re going to have to explain how giving him a normal overhead makes his high-low game too strong. The guy’s combos are almost exclusively 1 frames! Blanka users HARDLY combo because of it (that, and the fact that comboing into U1 is a pain in the ass). First thing to come out of your mouth is that I needed to footsie-- Blanka is reduced to playing footsie’s and trying to win off life leads because he cannot efficiently open up turtle characters. That is a fact. Giving him a normal overhead makes that irrelevant.

I’m sorry but it looks like you don’t know Blanka. Everything I asked for would make Blanka effective in a competitive scene. Nothing unfair about being able to land safely after a hit; nothing unfair about getting a normal over head; nothing unfair about getting a usable ultra 2; nothing unfair about punishing zoners with an ultra (especially when 80% of the cast can do just that); nothing unfair about getting tools on par with his constituents.

I’ve been maining Blanka since World Warrior. He’s had his ups and downs, but we’re talking about this game. Blanka is too weak. My changes would totally turn that around. Don’t try to sit here and pull that “I’m not being condescending” mess, cause that was exactly your intention.

You’re not winning this argument.

(I’m replying to the bold)

That was one of the mod changes that I was most hoping to come to fruition. That would allow Jim to punish Balrog and help with that fight immensely. Thing is, Capcom totally ignored what most Blanka users asked for. I just don’t understand the rationale behind making HP Ball knockdown, but leaving EX ball the same: punishable on hit. Yes, I asked for medium punch to knockdown as well, but I’d totally settle for both HP and EX causing knockdowns.

What I’m trying to figure out is who asked for HP ball to knockdown in the first place? It’s clearly the worst version of the attack. And if there WERE people asking specifically for HP, I’m certain those same folks asked for EX as well. Dhalsim shouldn’t be able to zone me with a fireball and then punish me after I go through it and hit him. That’s been stupid for 5 years!

And unfortunately, I am a member of a clan (ANBU). I’m our best Blanka user, and I couldn’t have not purchased the game, for clan reasons.

Why even bother posting changes? This is the final version of the game and Capcom made it apparent they don’t care about Blanka player feedback when they fucked up cr.MK.

Only change I can agree with you is EX Ball knocking down, however now that we have RFC its actually better it doesn’t because you get damage off it. None of the other changes you made sound well thought out. HP Blanka Ball should have knocked down since day one so we could do two in one punishes and not get punishes on hit, but there are large advantages for LP and MP ball not knocking down. It would be great to have hop be the same as it was in Super but we’re never getting that back.

Air throw? EX Rainbow ball goes across the screen? Just…what?

Also I’m a member of the BONERV clan (Blanka Obvious Not Even Remotely Viable)

Because they are going to have to address the new characters’ hit boxes (they currently can not be hit with standing jabs while they are crouching). If they are going to do any kind of balance changes, I’d rather I had my input before get completely shut out.

Really? Are you sure you want to use the word “none” here?

Here is the list of changes I suggested:

1.** Every Rolling Attack should knock down on hit, except light punch. In addition, they should cause a juggle state**.
2.** Every version of Vert Ball should knockdown on hit**.
3. EX Roll should be projectile invincible until Blanka lands, except on block.
4. Remove the extra frame on Surprise Forward’s recovery
5. Change Motion of Ultra 2 to either 2QCF or 2HCF
6. Increase positive frames on Focus Attack
7. River Run should be FADC
8. Rock Crusher a normal overhead. ( Can retain the charge for extra dmg, but shouldn’t have to charge to hit overhead)
9. Give Rainbow Ball the same properties ( except armor breaking) of Ibuki’s attack.
10. Give Blanka an air throw
11. Decrease start up frames of EX electricity, or make invincible on start up, a la Shoryuken.
12. All Rolling Attacks beat (cleanly) or trades with characters that are attacking with a move other than a special.

The numbers in bold are what I believe will make Blanka competitively viable. These are completely well thought out…convince me otherwise. If you’re going to talk about MP ball not knocking down on hit, I posit to you that it is more valuable for Blanka to land safely after a hit than it is to get a useless (read: small) damage buff in the form of RFC (which costs an obscene amount of meter, and therefor is not worth the effort).

I mean, you people are seriously saying that it’s OK for nearly half the cast to punish Blanka with Ultras and Supers after landing a hit because he can combo with RFC (that costs over half your hard earned meter). Are you people not getting it? LP ball is more effective at this task, as while, yes, the damage is SLIGHTLY less, the amount of push-back compensates, and is somewhat safe against most characters. **In short, I do not agree with you that MP should remain as is, as the trade-off is not worth it, AT ALL. **

What indeed. I never mentioned EX rainbow ball. This makes me think that you did not clearly read the OP or followup post, and instead read the reactions to my changes, as opposed to the actual changes themselves. I clearly explained every point. As a result, I don’t see how you can actually say my changes were not well thought out-- you haven’t read the changes in the first place!

Come on guys. I know I wrote a wall of text. But that’s the point-- it’s in the details.

there’s a lot of change requests above some of them I like the others I think is unnecessary

I think we can list as many changes as we want but I honestly think the chance of Capcom fixing anything beyond giving c.MK CH frames back is unlikely

Also keep in mind despite what eventhubs says and what majority of US players think. Players in asia particularly Japan don’t necessarily think Blanka is as low tier as what you guys think.

IMO I feel Blanka is already quite balanced as long as they give him his CH c.MK back I’m fine the way he is.

Does he have weaknesses? sure he does, but at the same time people tend to disregard his strengths.

USF4 addressed some of his key weaknesses, they didn’t overly buff the weak areas but they gave him the options to address them, something we didn’t have before.

From my perspective, his weakness are lack of potential comeback, which has been addressed by c.MK additional frame making it easier to land U1 and bigger combos, also Red Focus also helps him a lot. They also gave him a frame faster dash to make his FA lvl 2 more legit.

Defensively when cornered he can get in a situation where he’s beaten by a safe jump + OS killing off all his defensive options outside of block… but imo Blanka already have it easy defensively, compared to majority of the cast. But Capcom still gave a FADC ex upball option to further improve his defensive options.

In the end, I doubt anything is gonna get changed… He’s fine the way he is as long as you’re happy with a mid tier character.

Guess your wish will be true soon


  • Crouching MK: On counter-hit the advantage on hit is now +8F instead of +5F. This was achieved by reducing the duration of the hit stop animation on Blanka’s side (originally the hit-stop duration was the same on both Blanka and his opponent)

Patch will be released most likely tomorrow.

Great justice!

Ch c.Hp Rf,u1 here I come

I disagree with this topic. Blanka is fine the way he is.