Report 'user'?

Is there such a feature? I looked on the profile page of that user and didn’t found such a button.
How am I supposed to report an avatar or signature otherwise?

There is this seizure inducing avatar that needs to be changed - I’m getting serious headache by that and I don’t want to get health troubles just for reading on this board.

Disable avatars then.

I think it’s somewhat missing the point to disable ALL avatars just because one user is willingly bother other people with his avatar that seriously can cause seizures (no joke here) and give me headache (no joke either) just for the sake of trolling:

Then just put him on ignore. Raz0r’s had that avatar for years, it’s not against the rules, and oddly enough, until a month ago, nobody had a problem with it.
Put him on ignore. Problem solved.

so a woman in skimpy clothing is something that gets infractions but health endangering isn’t?

rules state:

I think that clearly falls under that.

I reported a message of him (where he also flames like a madmen) but it didn’t seem to be have spawned notice, profile messages that made him aware of his seizure inducing avatar were answered with trolling. this is serious business here - I don’t think you know how a seizure looks like.
Sure I can ignore him, but I hate to do that since it makes reading a thread nonsense where said person is involved. This also doesn’t solve the problem for everyone else. Just a friendly reminder from an admin to change his avatar would be enough.

But his avatar wasn’t made to attack people…it’s too small to even cause a seizure.
And if you are that sensitive…ignore him.
Your health is more important than whatever the hell he has to say.