Replacing the 360 TE PCB

I’ve had a lot of problems with my dual modded 360 TE pcbs. I’ve gotten two replacements from madcatz in which one doesn’t even power up, and the other retains the same issues with triggers going out and the “please reconnect controller” message.

Since I feel the pcbs in the sticks are unreliable. I’m just going to completely replace them with a pad pcb. I’ve ordered a madcatz fightpad, since the buttons are all digital and makes for an easy padhack.

I know I’m going to lose function in the turbo/switches/mic slot, but my question is if I can still retain functionality in the Home button on the TE stick. I assume connecting the ground and home signals to the turbo pcb would be all that’s needed.

I also wanted to know if this way of wiring should work out. I’m going to connect the A-H signal points from the cthulhu to the fight pad pcb and then connect the terminal bay signals on the cthulhu to the pins/wiring bay that connect to the TE terminal strip, as well as connecting the home signal and an extra ground to the turbo pcb.