Replacing buttons on 2017 Hori Fighting Edge

Dear all.

Just bought a 2017 Hori Fighting Edge and i am beginning to dislike the feel of the buttons. As I am new to modding fight sticks, i would like to ask the gurus here: Is it a simple job to replace the buttons? I bought 30mm sanwa buttons. Hope they can fit…

Many thanks in advance!

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Yes, it’s easy.


Can i change the buttons by opening the bottom panel or i need to ooen the top too? Sorry for the noob qns

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I’m pretty sure you only need to open up the back. Disconnect the wires from the buttons, and then just push the buttons tabs off so they pop off from the front. Then push in your new buttons and reconnect the wires, and you should be all set. If you need more help, go look up a video on youtube.

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Many thanks for this and i shall go try… youtube has tons of videos but none on opening up this model.

Thanks for the tips! I finally plucked up the courage to do it and now the buttons are replaced!

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Glad I could help, have fun with the new buttons.