Replacements for tron

With ultimate coming out soon enough and some nerfs to tron, who do you guys think would be a good replacement for her(assist wise or point wise). And with magneto and storm getting their new moves it will make tron havin a hard time getting in against them.

I’ll admit, I can be overly negative about all this nerfing business at times.

but you just took it too far

How am i taking it too far? I was simply trying to ask peoples opinions on character replacement. Her assist is one of the best reasons to use her and since they nerfed that and gave magneto that new move it will be extremly hard to get in because it controls so much space. So i was trying to see peoples opinions for a good assist and/or lead

It’s just a bit of a social faux pas.

It’s like if your boss came into your house and saying " you’re not doing a good enough job and you’re gonna get fired. Btdubs, who should be your replacement, any recommendations?"

Like, if you asked in a general discussion thread or something it wouldn’t be so bad… But making a whole new thread in the TRON section about who should replace tron on your teams because you don’t want to use her any more? That’s cold man. That’s cold.

Wait… Hold on a sec…it just occurred to me, Are you talking about replacing tron… Or replacing the characters that assist her on point…



…so…you just want a whole new team to play?..

umm… random team button I guess? I dunno.

Im not asking for a new team, i am just asking people who they think would be a good general replacement for tron in UMvC3. And if you dont like what i am asking people then dont respond, its as simple as that.

As much as it pains me to even think about the idea of not maining Tron anymore, I’ll bite.

For Tron-like hitboxes on attacks, go for Trish Vergil, Taskmaster. Trish’s H takes up a good half of the screen and is very hard to avoid. You don’t quite get Tron damage off of it, but that’s because she isn’t Tron. Vergil’s…everything has ridiculous hitboxes, so there you go. Taskmaster’s H’s beat out nearly everything I throw out on the air or ground and unlike Tron he can actually range someone out.

For Tron’s wonky blockstrings where they seem over but suddenly you’re getting punished, Taskmaster. Any attack, pause, shield skill, pause, launcher, or do a counter inbetween any of them.

For an assist that gets people really pissed off and afraid to press buttons, it seems like the only (known) assist that’s still going to do that in Ultimate is golden Hsien-Ko. Sorry.

Overall I’d say…ugh…Taskmaster. :arazz:

Super Skrull(Orbital Grudge).

I know this is old but I can’t believe people really tried to replace characters based on nerfs and buffs before they saw how the game evolved because of them.