Replacement Screws

Ineed to know where i can buy some replacement screws for my HRAP 2 SA. I get sweaty hands and the steel has turned brown. So i need to find some stainless steel ones that i can take off easily using the same allen wrench. Help me out if you can. There the 6 on top

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like one at the top of the picture

Try shooting per, from akihabarashop, an email to see if he can get some for you.

ill try but I don’t want the same ones because they just turn brown again…

Maybe use some gloves so you stop sweating all over your place :bgrin: j/k

Have you tried a steel place? ie someone that deals with bolts and general steel type products? They would definately have something that would do I’m sure.

Just remove one of the bolts and take it with you so they can check the sizing, but from my understanding, they are just a standard domed bolt. The worse that can happen is that you have to replace the nuts too, but that’s nothing.

You could try with nylon screws:

these are M4x8mm crosshead screws and should fit (the carriage bolts on earlier HRAPs have a M4 thread and probably also the allen screws on the HRAP2SA).

Maybe this is something we should have in the shop?
I think we can get the same screw in stainless steel, titan et.c…

Yes if you could get me some stainless steel i would be eternally grateful. I dont want them to go brown again!

Go to Lowes/AutoZone/Home Depot and find the bolt size, length and thread pitch. Order online. Sometimes you can find the allen head bolts locally, but it’s very rare that you’ll find them in metric.