Replacement joystick for Mad Catz TES+

Over the Christmas period I noticed that the stick on my TES+ is no longer as smooth as I remember, blocking doesn’t always work and for some reason doing a hadoken mostly seems to result in a shoryuken.

So I have been looking at replacing the joystick, all the guides I have found seem to be for the older TE from the PS3 so am wondering if the stick part number is still the same Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT?

Looking at this one on Amazon

Yep. Sanwa JLFs are still Sanwa JLFs.


Thanks so much for the quick answer. Will go ahead and order.

That “JLF” looks fake, no?

Oh dear, what do I look for, it’s arriving tomorrow?

Anyone who thinks that looks fake is an idiot. The images are taken from a genuine JLF, but whether that’s what you receive or not is another matter.

@ Wargame Here’s a cheaper one that comes with a square gate:

You can get them even cheaper on eBay but Amazon will be quicker and if there is an issue then much easier to return.

Thanks, already ordered the other one, thought the only difference was the other one was next day delivery. I take it the gate in the TES+ is square and not octagonal like the one I have ordered?

Correct, the vast majority of arcade sticks come with a square gate, including the TES+

Post pics of the joystick you receive so that we can verify if it’s genuine or not. Include the underside, PCB, and microswitch name.

I have cancelled the order due to the gate size. Why do people assume it’s a fake?

Then show me where in the advert you think it’s fake? Is it the pictures that accurately show a Sanwa JLF? Is it the product description where it’s described as a “Sanwa OEM Joystick”? Perhaps it was the warning saying it’s not suitable for children under 12 years old :rofl:

As said, if the person receives a completely different thing then cool - getting a refund from Amazon UK is easy. But nothing in the advert suggests it’s anything else but genuine.

I’ve been buying joysticks all over the world for 20 years, I know what a fake advert looks like and this doesn’t look like a fake ad to me.

I have just ordered through arcadeworlduk so hopefully I should get a genuine part.

Though that Amazon seller does have 100% positive feedback so maybe legit. Usually you see at least some complaining of fake parts.