Reno Air Race plane crash!*UPDATE 9/18/11* ANOTHER PLANE CRASH! GRAPHIC WARNING!


Video 2

Holyshit! Another air show plane crash less than 24hrs apart!!! The world is in danger!!!


That Ginger in Video 2 ruined it couldnt see nothing!

But what was the cause for this?

Sad News and Tragedy

I just moved from Reno and even lived on the street where this is held everyyear ,

Its seems every year someone would die at the Air Races , Now that it landed in a croud and killed spectaters and not just pilots maybe they might reconsider it every year.

The pilot was the owner of the plane. He shortend the plane’s wing 5 inches. I’m looking fir the video he made a few weeks ago before this sad ending.

For a sec I thought you meant the VF bro Reno.

This shit is getting ridiculous. Another fucking air show plane crash in 24hrs!? I think they should ban that shit now.