Rendokan Karate Appreciation Thread

Man, Makoto is the only reason I got into fighting games competitively. She’s so much fun to play. What’s your favorite aspect of Makoto’s game/sick thing to do with/sick karakusa setup?

My favorite thing ever: dash-in, LP, LK, Hayate (cancel)—>c.LK, Hayate (cancel)—> LK, Hayate (cancel)—> Dash-in, c.LK, Hayate (cancel), karakusa, HP, Hayate, LK, OroshixxSA1
I did that shit in a match once… Blew my motherfuckin’ mind I was capable of such mind-fuckery.
The guy who I was playing was really trying to learn 3S and he asked me to play my Mak. I usually avoid using Mak against new guy cuz she’s extremely brutal, but he said “I’ll never learn if I don’t experience it.” What that made me think: “There’s only two things that you can possibly learn from playing against Makoto: Be very afraid. Hope that your opponent guesses worse than you do.”

It’s a shame that a character like Makoto isn’t well represented in any other FG. I’m playing SCV a lot lately and think Viola is a close candidate cuz of her orb shenanigans but other than her, there’s no real femme fatal that plays like Mak.

makoto is too hard for me to tame lol but I still try from time to time.