RENAISSANCE MAYHEM 2007 Kissimmee, FL June 29 & 30 2007

Please delete this thread.

hey well will you look at that

that shit is one day after my birthday

you need a mod to delete the thread david made because you have too many of them now. also, you might want to make it a point in the other thread in the title that it’s for preregistration.

i’m going to be having akatsuki on my own monitor / TV at the tournament for anyone that wants to learn how to play. bring your own sticks and we have converters available for you to use. this game is the hottest shit to shit on a plate children, so watch some videos, find the game online and download it, and bring your A game.

I screwed up and had too many windows open. I was only supposed to post it under his name not both of us. Gonna delete this one.