Remy: for Starters

By popular demand (hoorah), here’s a quick guide to playing Remy. I like it quick and efficient (take note, girlies).

Jump in with fierce or roundhouse

low strong xx Flashkick (EX Flash if you’ve got it)
low strong xx low Boom xx SA1 (Use the low boom to hit-confirm)
standing mk xx EX Flash (Charge like oldschool Guile combos, see below)
standing mk xx SA2 (It’s a link, make sure to wait until the mk’s animation ends)
Uoh, SA2 (The overhead must hit late, start it far away or early on wakeup)
Neutral throw, RH Flash (doesn’t work on some smaller characters)

Low fierce, short CBK, RH Flashkick
EX High Boom
Jumping fierce, short CBK, RH Flashkick
(From a distance) Jab Boom, standing roudhouse (From the tip of his foot you recover in time to block/parry most retaliation)

Standing strong
Low mk
Standing short (hits opponent’s limbs)
Short CBK
UoH (He has a good one, hops over limbs and moves forward while you charge)

Don’t use SA3. Ever.

SA1 is what I use personally, because it’s safe. Remy can’t get hit, ever, or it’s your ass. No matter what, you can risk landing an SA1 combo and you have very little room in which to be punished. Hell, you can just walk up and do (low short xx SA1) whenever you think you have an opening and it’s worth the gamble. You can spend a whole match just trying to get an SA2 in, and most non-scrubs can parry it if you try to use it as a generic anti-air.

Learn Charge Buffering and Charge Partitioning:

Kara-throw with standing roundhouse. Remy has a good one.

EX Flash Kick is good for mixups. Empty jump-in, land, EX Flash will work at least twice a round. The other times… throw them!

This is all I can remember off of the top of my head. I think it should be enough so anyone can at least pretend like they know how to use Remy. After my surprise video release at the end of the week (Oh yes, it’s coming) I’ll see what else is on the docket and maybe I’ll put a Remy instructional on the “To Do” list. Good luck.


How would that be? D for 2 secs, release the stick, mk and up? I’ve never got this motion to come out, but is that how you do it?

it’s like a super parry to me

And what’s the timing for c.HP, short CBK, RH flashkick? it don’t seem to connect for me.

c.HP, ex high boom xx sa2 works nice… the booms make the all or most of the sa2 hit

kinda… i do it by holding down for 2 secs, releasing the stick, mk TWICE REALLIE FAST, and up w/ the 2nd mk. basically, for the first mk, your stick should be in the center, on it’s way up for the 2nd one.

SA3 is very nice on multi-hit supers, like ken’s SA3, chun-li SA2, etc

also very nice and safe to do SA1 after, c.lp x 2 or 3, so u make sure he gets hit, or standing near hk, wait for animation to end then SA1 or SA2…
something also very fancy, tho it doesnt work against evey character
standing near hk(2 hits), xx SA2 or SA1

Only time i find any use for SA3 is VS those Kung fu bitches (Yun and Yang). Other than that i use SA1 for the same reasons as Thong boy.


Haha, a Remy video will be a long way away. I have a lot of stuff going on, and I don’t think I’m good enough to know Remy the way I need to in order to make a truly competent video. That being said, I’ll totally make one, but I’ll have to outsource for it probably. And I’ve already got about 4-6 videos slotted for the schedule already.

N - New one in 2.5 weeks… I hope.