Remy Combos?

Does Remy have any good combos or cross over combos?

Someone please respond to this. With combos.

There is a thread of this already but just to help out here some of his basic combos.

j.HP, cr.Mp, rrf HK(it can be ex version also)

j.HP, cr.lp x3, rrf HK(I think it was HK duno I never use this combo)

j.HP,, rrf HK

j.HP, cr.HP, rrf HK(timing is stric like hell on this one)

j.HP, st.MK or lp or lk, SA1 or 2

j.HP, st.MP or MK, lov lk

j.HP, cr.MP, lov lk (it can be exed also)

cr.MP, crb lk (only works if ur opponent is crouching)

UOH, SA 1 or 2(it will combo but at certain distance if u do the UOH point blank range or too far it won’t so u msut find the happy medium)

lov lp or lk, cbk HK(again it depend of in ur distance)

st.Mk, st.HK

Air to Air

Jp. HP, cbk lk or rrf HK(if near the corner u can do a cbk lk then follow it with rrf HK)

Corner combos

Jp.HP, cr.HP, cbk lk, rrf HK

lov lk, fwd mk(it conects depending on the distance but u take a big risk in doing it)

neutral grab, rrf HK(works in middle sized and big characters)

That mostly his basic combos his other combos require charge partion.

PS: Some of the jump ins can be replace with HK.