Removing SOCD cleaning from a hitbox

I just picked up a hitbox, having only played on PC on my keyboard in the past. It works great but the way it handles both directions on the horizontal axis is really annoying. I play charge characters mostly and on my keyboard I can easily hold back and just tap forward to get ultras and specials but the hitbox registers both directions as neutral. From what I have read this seems to be due to some SOCD cleaning functionality on the PS360+ PCB. My question is if there is a way to remove this SOCD cleaning so that the last button pressed takes priority like it does on a standard keyboard by changing the firmware. If this isn’t possible then I am wondering how difficult modding the hardware myself would be for a complete beginner with 0 experience (most likely following this video Thanks for any help!

The SOCD cleaner is there to prevent walking sonic booms and such. It an anti cheat measure. It is designed that way. The p360+ does it via software, so I don’t know if you can remove it or have the option of turning it off, but doing so would make your controller illegal for certain games at certain tournaments. Just work on you execution and avoid pressing them simultaneously.

I agree with this.

Actually this is in a more grey area, example Sony PS2 Dual Shock 2 controllers are capable of SOCD and they aren’t banned.

I said certain because I remember midwest majors banned them if they did not have a SOCD cleaner. And that video he posted was basically asking to use his hitbox via CvS2 EO mode i.e. walking forward sonic booms and scissor kicks which we all know is only allowed to be used by ST AI.

Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean by walking sonic booms. On the PC on keyboard on default controls it does not register back at the same time as forward it simply only registers the last input, so I am pretty sure you can’t do anything differently than with a normal controller. It just makes it easier because you don’t have to let up on the back button to do charge moves. Where can I go to find a definitive tournament ruleset so that I can see if it is illegal?

Thats not the case on console versions. If you hold forward and back at the same time, like you want to and as shown in the video, the game will recognized both commands so in essence you will never be crossed up because you will always be considered in a block state. If you do the mod as stated in the video, you will be able to hold and charge back while moving forward. That is what his hack does and he explains in the video. So if you hold back and then press forward, you will be moving forward while still charging back, hence walking forward sonic booms.

Oh word. Hmmm well that would be broken. Weird that it works differently on PC. Is there no way to just modify it so that the last button in takes precedence? :smiley:

Even if hitting forward overrides the back button being held, the fact that you would immediately start charging back on the next frame after letting go of forward would be an advantage in that it that takes away the human element of needing to do that manually.

The back + forward behavior varies by game. In SF4 back+forward=forward, which can, in principle be used in some kinds of option selects.

IMO ‘last input wins’ should be a fine as a behavior even in competitive settings, and I think that’s what the mod in the video does. That approach would be one of the simpler ones available.

I have a version of the firmware that does this, but it doesn’t work on 360 yet.

I’ve been thinking, why isn’t this just made to be the default way that PCBs handle directional SOCDs. This would get rid of some tricks that certain controllers allow with the current way of handling SOCDs.

Because with the PC keyboard way of processing simultaneous inputs it becomes stupidly hard to do some bread and butter stuff in fighting games.

For example, half circle in games that require all 5 directions of a half circle to register (or doing qcf’s from db position in all games). With hitbox style of SCOD cleaning, if you just piano b, d, and f, you are pretty much guaranteed to get all 5, but on PC keyboard, you will usually get, b, db, df, f. In other words, with “last wins” when looking at opposite directions SCOD cleaning, you HAVE to let go of back, before pressing forward, for only down to register.

Modern fighting games are even starting to address that, in SF4, in most cases that down and up cardinal inputs are not needed for that reason (for half circles, SPD’s and such), but the db into qcf problem remains in SF4.

But happily, BlazBlue CSE for PC actually has Hitbox style software SCOD for keyboard, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I wish someone good at programing could make something like joy2key, but to interrupt keyboard inputs, and apply software Hitbox style SCOD.

Yeah I’m in same position here, prefer to have “last input override” for directional inputs. But for MC Cthulhu PCB