Removing select button from Madcatz TE


Ok so my plan is to remove the select from my madcatz te fightstick so I can put a neutrik usb in it’s place. Has anyone does this before? And if I did, what would I do with the select cable? Just remove the select button and tuck away the wire? I feel this would do something bad, anyone know?

it wouldn’t do anything bad, people unplug buttons all the time and tuck them away. All my TEs are 6 button set ups…

Alright, thanks for help.

You should cover them with electrical tape on the off chance that they might brush up against some metal inside the case.

People already do this for the neutrik RJ45 pass though, USB would be fine.

The wires connecting the button to the distro block can be removed safely.
But don’t forget, you should solder a small wire between the BACK and TURBO points on the main TE board, if its a 360 version. You can do that with the PS3 version as well, but its a ton more difficult.

One of the nice things about the TE is that both ends of the wires detach. Just remove the wires from the case entirely, or wrap them up and tape them inside if you’re worried about losing them.