Removing/Reducing the *click* sound from joystick and buttons

First, let me say that what I’m asking for is probably close to impossible or impractical but I’ve lurked Tech Talk for a while now and I’m sure someone at least has an idea they can share on my problem.

I recently got into fighting games about 5 months ago and so far I’ve been loving it but recently my mom’s gotten really upset with me about playing on my arcade sticks because of the clicking sound made by the buttons and joystick and insists that I ether cut down my play time or resolve it.

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions on ways to at least reduce the clicking sound made by the buttons and joystick of an arcade device it would really help me out.

For the stick, the best option would probably be to hunt down an optical like a (rare) Sanwa Flash.

Are you using a JLF? If you mod it with HAPP/iL cherry switches you won’t hear the clicking anymore. If you’re going that route you might also want to add an extra string for more tension because of how sensitive the cherry switches are.

The clicking noise you are referring to are the microswitches being told what direction you are activating. An optical joystick is your best bet. Look for ASCII or sanwa flash. There is a thread called The optical joustck discussion that can give you all the info you need. Be warned though, optical sticks are not cheap, but if the noise bothers you that much it’s a worthwhile investment.

Rubber Padding to absorb the tap from the buttons.
Now if only that idea was plausible in reality… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just did some reading on the Optical Joystick thread and I’m not really fond of spending $100+ on solving the noise issue. I noticed two things though. One is the Happ Perfect 360° Electronic Joystick that was suggested on the tread being sold by Lizardlick. The other is Toodles’ plans for a remake of the FLASH1 sitck, SPARK1. Would either of these be possible options over the authentic optical sticks?

Also, I am using a JLF in my Madcatz stick so HAPP/iL switches might be an option or at least something to try out. I’ll look into that more.

If you have tremendous luck, you can find optical joysticks for sale in electronic stores, pawnshops, or garage sales. Saw one a couple of days ago who scored an ASCII FT Special for 55 USD.

If you’re willing to open it up, there’s a noise-damping material called Dynamat that several people here have mentioned in the past. You could try looking into that. Not sure how much of a difference it makes since I’ve never used it.