Removing cigarette stank from DVDs, Cases, Manuals, etc?

I bought a used copy of Super Mario Galaxy from someone the other day, and when it came in the mail, holy shit it stunk. And every part; the case, the dvd itself, all the manuals and inserts. Is there a easy way to remove this stench without damaging anything? I’m worried about the paper parts.

why are you worried rofl. collecting?

Because it’s something he might use a lot?

"My clothes smell like shit and I don’t know what to do, help?

“Why the fuck would you wanna do that, lolz, dumbass”


Is he wearing fucking super mario galaxy game manuals around? No. Lolz, dumbass. Nice analogy.

I collect and yeah, that shit sucks. I’ve tried this trick and it works to varying degrees: isolate your game somewhere and stick a small bowl of vinegar next to it for about a day. Couldn’t tell you the science, but it does work somewhat at killing some of the cig smoke smell.

Putting a fan next to it and an open window can help as well (although this is more of a spring time thing, not so much wet weather thing…or heat wave time either).

There are some games in my collection that are beyond help though. They just fucking stank beyond repair. I stick them in a sandwich bag until I find another copy to replace it…then…I dunno…who wants a stinky game?

A quick Google I found this

I don’t know if you want to put the disc in there also but the other stuff should be fine.

I totally concur. Sellers should be required to mention if their stuff smells like smoke. That stuff is just disgusting. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much only sellers who don’t smoke who mention that in sales.

The problem with just leaving it next to fresh air though is that your game will get sunfaded except at nighttime. Vinegar, charcoal, and baking soda are traditional methods to absorb smoke smell although they’ll take more effort than just doing it one time.

I dont really collect but i just dont like having shit i own smell like absolute garbage. Horse shit smells better than this thing, its amazing how its permeating every single item (the inside of the shipping envelope was terrible as well.

I found some of those links mentioned above in a past half hour or so, so I stuck the disc and paper items in containers w/ baking soda, and febrezed the plastic case. hopefully this will work out =/

i know how u feel zapt i do had game with case for ps2 that stink like hell. smelled of old ppl, cigarrettes and hill billies too.

Maybe he is?

If I had enough I would make a suit out of them. =/

I used to collect a lot of Vinyl. A lot of second hand Vinyl at that, and finding that the original cover, sleeve or the plastic itself stunk of smoke used to annoy the hell out of me. Replacing the sleeve or cover would mean hunting down another (getting just the sleeve is hard work) which may even mean buying the whole thing again which I wasn’t prepared to do. Every time I picked one up that had this problem it would obviously stink of it and it ticked me off. Not only that, you keep it next to other things in a confined space and other things will begin to stink of it.

I would be worried to if I was struggling to find a way to remove the smell from certain materials. I still didn’t work out how to do it with the cardboard sleeves on records because I had no real way of isolating them at the time. I’ve bought a few second hand games also and had the same problem. It’s more of an annoyance than anything else. I used to smoke and it used to annoy me because I always managed to keep my items smoke free.

Post how you get on Zapf.

Jim: “Say, did you hear the one about the boy with no nose?”

Bob: “No nose?! How did he smell???”

Jim: “Awful!”

Bob: “Lolz.”

Agreed. That shit is awful and sellers should be upfront about it.

Problem is that a smoker can’t smell the how stank they are because the stank is already coating the inside of the lungs, throat and nose.

Kind of like when you first walk into a Asian Grocery store, the body gets used the the smell and cancels it out.

That makes sense. I’m sure people get accustomed to the smell and it doesn’t bother them. But still you think they would know that to anyone who doesn’t smoke it’s going to be noticeable. Oh wells.

My GF’s parents are big smokers and if I am in that house for more than a couple of minutes I smell like smoke by the time I leave.

^This is so true, both my parents have been smokers my whole life but my Mom has always made an effort to keep the house well ventilated and aired out - opening windows whenever possible on nice days and such.

They’ve both had friends that when we visited everything stunk of smoke, white walls turned yellow and crap like that. Borrowed VHS tapes from them that had a nasty film on them from being around smoke so much. It makes you gag just being in a place like that.

Wrap it in newspaper and put it in a Ziploc or tupperware. Put some baking powder in there as well to help.

I don’t smoke but my mum does so the smell doesn’t really bother me. But if I’m out the house for a couple days and staying over at one of my friends houses who don’t smoke and go back home, the smell is disgusting and I have to re-adjust to it. It’s understandable why he doesn’t want his stuff to smell of smoke, it’s nasty.

ok, I checked the dvd last weekend, and its stench was gone. This weekend I checked the paper parts (insert, manual) and while I can still smell it somewhat, its nowhere near the strength it was at before I put them in a bag with baking soda. cool beans!

I bought my girl a teddy bear she wanted online off eBay. It came in smelling like smoke and I was pissed. Who wants hug a plush that smells like ass? Regardless, I’d be mad if I got anything in the mail that stank like smoke.