Remember the Duke Nukem Action RPG announced a while back? Well

This is what it is now after 3D Realms & Interceptor Entertainment got sued for trying to use Duke in their new game, even though they sold the rights for Duke to 2K games years ago. :rofl: :shake:

Guess they couldn’t even come up with a licensing deal. For shame. Now you play as some chick with a lesbian haircut.

Still looks kind of fun. The last Action RPG I played that had a focus on guns for weaponry was one of the Sega-published Alien games.

Few more pictures:

Sucks there’s no Duke, but this games developer(Interceptor Entertainment) are amazing at what they do. Rise of the Triad is an amazing FPS game and if you haven’t played it you’re missing out. :tup:

Gah. If it was Duke It would be gdlk.
Game still looks cool though.

They should go whole ham and make that broad an actual lesbian so all the social justice warriors can shut the fuck up.

^ Bombshell was supposed to be a sidekick character to Duke in the ORIGINAL Duke Nukem: Forever(Quake 2 engine version.)

Pretty hilarious. Reminds me of how they brought back that one character in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, a Belmont who was in a trailer for the cancelled Dreamcast game that never got released.

Yea and they fuckin wasted him. So dumb.

This game looks pretty cool. gives me Neo Contra vibes.

imagine all his memorable quotes in the game: