Remap button to footpedal?

im wondering if it would be possible for me to take a button on a fightstick, and instead of using my finger to press it, somehow find a way for me to be able to press it with my foot to free up my hands a bit more and help me with some really cool tech, anyone think this is possible or any ideas how to do it?

This is probably the kind of thing that would go in tech talk. Also somehow I doubt people would call this tourney legal unless you had some kind of disability

it’s tourney legal, but unless you got a disability you going to get some some looks.

Marvel vs Rock Band 3

Oh by the way it’s just some simple basic electrical wiring. You are moving the wiring from one switch to another.
checkout, its required reading for any arcade controller modder.

@Pertho I think this is a topic for Tech Talk.

Too bad for Tech Talk that one one there wants it ether.