Relatively new to fighters, planning on getting into Marvel vs Capcom 3

Hi, this is my first post here. Long time lurker. I’ve always had an interest in fighting games, but a majority of my friends are against playing them (Except Brawl/Melee) so I never really had anyone to play with. Except, when I was younger I had a group of friends I’d play Marvel vs Capcom 2 with but I was never really any good, but it was still fun.

Now with Marvel vs. Capcom 3 right around the corner with a huge amount of my favorite characters I getting I decided it’s about time I gave fighting games a real chance and joined the community.

I’m getting MvC3 for the 360 so I downloaded MvC2 for it, along with picking up a cheap copy of Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the wii. We also had a Hori EX2 (360) in the inventory of where I worked and since no one would buy it and it would take up space, my boss sold it to me for $25 bucks.

I plan on using my Hori for MvC3 and I’ve been practicing with it in MvC2. Now here’s my real question;

-How exactly should I go about practicing? Should I play TvC? MvC2? Equal amounts of both?

-Should I worry about learning combos/Bread n Butters (I think they’re called) for characters in either of these games even though I plan on moving to MvC3 exclusively once it’s released or should I just learn things that will be transferring over to MvC3 like Wavedashing and the like.

Sorry for the really long explanation, but I hope someone can lead me on the right path here and I can start playing with you guys relatively soon!

I just recently got back into fighting games and have been learning arcade stick. I am a noob too and other more experienced players might have better advice, but I will just share what I have learned from them. Play whatever fighting games you have right now, preferably mvc2, since you are waiting for mvc3. This will give you a feel for the stick. Go into training mode and keep practicing moves over and over again and build your execution, from 1p and 2p side. To build your execution start learning the movements slowly and then speed up. Mvc2 does not have input display I believe, but I am sure mvc3 will and has a trials mode similar to ssf4. Start with execution, then move onto combos. It will be preferable just to stick with mvc3 once you have the game, since that is the game you are trying to get good at. Here is also a thread that will likely help you in starting out:

It is geared toward ssf4 but I am sure it will help with other capcom fighters.

1)Practice whenever you get the chance, but don’t make it a priority over school or any other personal affairs that need to be taken care of first (I know this is obvious, but not everyone seems to actually pay attention to this). If using training mode, set the cpu dummy up to emulate some situations that you want to learn how to deal with. If you are adapting to the cpu controlled dummy, raise the difficulty so that it doesn’t get stale. However, the cpu can never fully emulate a situation that you may be faced with when fighting against a human opponent. Try to balance your training against A.I and human controlled characters so that you are able to adapt to both.

  1. Yes, combos are mostly what the Marvel vs Capcom series are mostly about. Focus on the bread and butter combos mostly and do flashy stuff when you know its safe to do so…although MvC3 is in FACT geared towards noobs because the game doesnt even have tech-rolling anymore >_<

2)Yes, bread n butter combos are those that are your safest bet at landing full damage without dropping the combo entirely. You also avoid the damage scaling from hampering the damage potential of your combo. You can get flashy, but I doubt you will be worrying about showing off to your friends as opposed to worrying about surviving.