Regency Fun Center - Console Tournament?

Yea.? Vote and post on this mofo.

Ideas… NEEDED now. or welcomed whatever.

When? Where? Ran by whom? Prizes? Pizza? Free handjobs?

These beg for answers, man.

Don’t know, Don’t know, Maybe me unless you want some other shmoe - any recommendations or someone you want to run it? Not sure really, unless the company wants me to do it then I’d need help anyways, Money and shiny shit among other things, Probably - Possibly, thats a big maybe!

Throw out some ideas, we’re in a brainstorming process, somewhat. I did hear the word “plasma” being thrown around and I guess that could be paired up with “in my pants” or possibly TV.

Where would somthing like this be held? I am assuming Regency, given the title of the thread, but where would something like this be accomodated on site?

Sounds interesting, I’d give it a Maybe provided I am free to attend, and there is interest.

We’re pretty roomy, I think we’d figure something out… maybe. We haven’t work out all the details yet. Input is needed at this stage for setting up something like this.

Doesn’t “Regency Fun Center - Console Tournament” mean it would be held at Regency?

I DON’T KNOW!!! <_<

I’m still at work using the work PC, people need help blah blah my excuse here.

Wait, you guys have a PC at work?

Yes o_o

I think you should put the console on top of the 3s machine control and a tv in front of the 3s monitor.

Someone bring the chip and dip, ill bring the PAIN!

we’ll try to figure something out, and I’ll post about what we come up with. Other than that yes, any ideas would be great. I’ll post what we have to work with when I get more details from the boss man. which will be maybe tomorrow. But yes, thats the word, they gave us an ok for consoles, that doesn’t mean we’re going to do it 100% depending how the “talks” go

4 player bomberman!

why not just go to someones house

if you’re at an arcade why take a console?

leaves 2 cents on table and leaves

Because theres… stools!:confused::confused: and pizza?

no really good point when you think about it, but remember, this is just merely an idea. So far what we got going for us is Space and we could find more space since we do have some broken games. We have some/good reputation among decent amount of players which will guarantee entrants to a tournament, so Players + Consoles + Plasma + Breathing space + stoolspizza = a small EVO type get up once a month with some prizes (working on this one)? I dunno we’ll see what happens I guess.

what about schools?
just get a bunch of tv’s in the cafeteria and says its the video game club meeting

then there’s my house ;x


I’d appreciate it if your post didn’t somehow lead to you mentioning your house. It’s nice you have a setup like that. I’d dwell into this more but damn, its 2am, time to knock the fuck out.

Shoo, don’t you have your own thread already? Quit hijacking this one…

AE85, which foo at Regency are you? Are you the Guatemalan chick?


i’ll join if the games entice me
which would be cvs2,

Ok, I’ll forgive you cause we blood brothers. (Same join date…) :looney:

so this is what its like

…when doves cry :sad:


well I wouldn’t mind having Capcom vs SNK 2 being a tournament, I actually like that game but the one we have at RFC is just too beat up, board wise =/ We never got around to discuss more about this today so, still up in the air about the whole thing. I’ll post again when I get some info.