-= Regarding the HRAP V3-SA Buttons =-

I recently got a new stick: HRAP V3-SA (Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 SA Joystick for Playstation 3 - GamingZap.com)

  • I know that the V3-SA uses 8 Sanwa OBSF-30-W snap in buttons.

I’m trying to replace the buttons and the balltop to:

Does anyone the know if the seimitsu buttons will be compatible with my V3-SA stick?

Please and thanks.

Yes. Seimitsu buttons will work just fine.

Alright great, thanks alot.

But can you show me a tutorial on how to mod V3-SA sticks?

Unfortunately I’ve seen many tutorials on how to mod HRAP 3 sticks, but V3-SA is a slight change in what I’m used to.

IDK if you’ll need a tutorial for this one, sounds like plug&play.
Tools; Needle Nose Pliers + Philips?Flat Head? + 1voided warranty just fyi if you didn’t already know.

There’s a small guide if I remember in the offical v3-sa thread a little bit down the page. If I remember you open the bottom up first?

I really want a v3-sa :frowning: But money is tight now, and i need to get rid of some old sticks laying around in boxes.

There’s not much to it, unscrew the bottom panel, take out the quick disconnects, push the original buttons out, replace with new buttons, reconnect the quick disconnects and then re-screw your bottom panel.

Presto :slight_smile:

Alright thanks alot. And yeah the V3-SA is extremely nice. A very nice upgrade from my old HRAP3.

I’ve never modded this stick before, or have I modded any stick. I’ve only read some tutorials. But thanks alot.

Sounds really easy, but I’ve never done it before, and I don’t want to accidentally damage any of the wires or pieces inside because I accidentally pulled on something too hard. I just need like a quick run through tutorial. This one was great but I just need a little more elaboration.

Get plyers, and a sharpie marker. If you cant remember the colors of the wiring and where they go, just mark it above the button on the panel. Securely grab each individual quick disconnect on each button with the plyers, remove them slowly with some light force.

Once all the quick disconnects are out, with your fingers, just push the tabs of the button in and push outward, might take a few tries the first time since they’re usually stiff. Pop the new buttons in. Remember the colors you marked ontop each button on the panel, and start rewiring the quick disconnects back to each button. There’s no specific left or right order for each quick disconnect, just connect both of the same colored wires to the button.

Test to make sure it works, turn on your system and go into training mode or some game, if it does work, screw it all back together.

Sounds greats, thanks for the elaborated tutorial hehe.

also when replacing that balltop, please DO NOT USE PLIERS TO KEEP THE SHAFT STILL

Take a flathead screwdriver and jam it in the slot at the bottom of the shaft and turn the balltop loose. Tighten the same way

Thanks for the tip.

I don’t see a tutorial. Sorry can you pinpoint where it is please?