Regarding the DLC issue and yt videos

people hacking the DLC to be usu-able isnt stealing, otherwise these people would have been prosecuted by now, who ever is making those videos if you put something like this in the descripition:

“youtube do not take down because this game was purchased through legitimate means and this content was accessed through perfectly legal means” or YOUTUBE DO NOT REMOVE BECAUSE:“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

then capcom cant do shit to get it taken down. everyone put this in your hacked SFxT videos.

I’m not exactly a law guy or word smith maybe one of you who are can help with something better to put in the description…

but i believe that alone is enough to protect you from the capcops… if not there is a way to say that that protects your videos, i just dont know the exact words or where to find them.

It’s not legal to unlock them. Whether or not it’s ethical, you can debate that. But it’s illegal. And that’s enough for Capcom to take the videos down.

its legal. sorry. as bad as you want it not to be. it just plain is.

look up steve wozniak and the universal garage opener.

when you purchase the disc you own everything on it, it is illegal to copy, distribute and profit from the disc, everything else is fair game.

Actually, it’s not. Capcom has the rights to the images in the game. It is by their grace that we get to put up match/combo videos.

It is illegal. There was a big spat about this a while ago. When you purchase a game, you purchase the code on disc as the developers intended, you do not have the rights to all the code on disc. When you hack the game to unlock the DLC characters without the purchase of the unlock, you are accessing sections of the code you do not have a legal right to and are, as such, stealing.

Like he said, you can debate whether this is a good or bad law, but the law it is.

As for persecution, Capcom doesn’t want to make a habit of sending the people who purchase their games to jail, much in the same way that iTunes doesn’t report you for having songs of questionable origin. Still, they will pull youtube videos to try and protect their product as best as possible.


i garuantee you that if someone puts this or its more well written legal sourcing equivalent in their video descriptions that we will have a video that capcom cannot take down.

I didnt make this thread to argue, i’m right end of story…

im just making this thread so that people will read it and do it to their videos so we can see them for more than one day. its not like we dont already know its on the game and others are enjoying it. dont spam it up with arguements that are bs and dont matter.

what does match videos have to do with anything? i’m talking about using the product (however you choose) in your own home, your argument falls flat when the content is on the disc, if this were an additional product (true DLC) that was obtained illegally then yes you would be correct. as it stands now Capcom can’t do a damn thing about it, unless you’re uploading videos or playing in ranked matches…it’s damage control on their part not a legal issue.

thats why they havent been owning players left and right with anything but a ban. its all that they can do.

but seriously if anyone knows a way to reword the quoted protect your video statement from the OP please post it and i will update the OP

I already explained it.

Buying a disc does not mean that you are buying all the code on the disc. In fact, what you are technically purchasing is the right to use the software as intended.

Hacking the game to unlock content without paying for the access does not fall under, “as intended”.

like i said, im not here to argue.

you think you are right, and you can continue to do so…

I know that I’m right and will continue to do so. but i do appreciate the thread bumps, keeps it on the front. in sight and mind of people who could potentially post videos of early DLC(disc locked content)

“paying for the access” ha. i’m pretty sure that was handled on day one, good luck enforcing that one.

Let me put it this way. You are promoting piracy, and even going a step further and trying to provide instructions on how to protect yourself (however flawed they may be). I’m surprised you haven’t been banned yet.

Also, this isn’t a matter of opinion. IT IS ILLIEGAL.

That’s not me looking at the laws and interpeting them, it is the law, plain and simple. Ever since software piracy began to become popular people like you have tried to come up with all manner of retarded reasoning why it was okay. I still remember one of the early ones, “Your only making a copy, so its not stealing.” It’s all dumb. Even if you take away the whole disc/software stuff, it’s simple. You are taking for free, something that someone else is selling.

…That’s the definition of stealing.

Summon ultradavid.

Illegal or not…

It still a fucked up way to distrubute characters…

Especially ones that already have there models made from SFIV.

Lol gotta wait until Vita version…lol…& they pay less

so your basically paying** 80 Bucks** for console SFxT. Capcom just gonna chill a grab another 20 down the road from shit thats already on the disc.

Sick of this fucking argument…

Those characters should really be free once the Vita version comes out. Then you get a free patch to unlock them when the time comes. Instead they wana grab a extra 20 when the time comes.

Call me Stupid or Dumb but personally that seems like Greed.

Capcom will never win in Intellectual Property in any court case.

There’s no crime in hacking the game… especially if it’s bought legally.

The only time it becomes crime if hacker resales game after modifying or cracking. As long as there’s no profit; it’s fair game.

Capcom slipped up.


cool story, bro.

its not illegal to give yourself access to something you technically own. capcom sells Disc Locked Content Access Keys.

that doesnt mean we cant use a key of our own. lololololol even if thats not what they call it, that is in fact what they are selling. id rather use a butter knife then buy a new screwdriver but im sure philips would make me buy one if they could.

or at the very least try to convince me it and its 11 brothers are the only tool for the job i should be using…which is what capcom is trying to do with their bs dlc policies.

and its protecting their video from being unjustly removed. not protecting the property you are accusing them of stealing. which they didnt. so get off my nuts. they aren’t making copies. not even back ups. they are simply removing a lock. like a lock smith would do.

im sick of the argueing too, i just want to see capcom get raped.

You know what I’m sick of? People constantly saying “ZOMG VITA VERSION GETS IT ALL LULZ!” Its a mother fucking handheld. Are you seriously calling it superior? The online will be worse, the graphics will be worse, and it will 100% not be tournament viable on the handheld. In addition you are waiting 6-7 months for it. Stop saying Vita owners will get it all. You know what they get? Owned because we will all have 6-7 months more experience than them and they will do what everyone on the UMvC3 Vita are doing right now, rage quitting because its as easy as touching a button on the Vita. Not only that, who here actually has a Vita? I feel like I’m one of the only ones.

Except… wait for it… you don’t own the code on the disc. Purchasing software is not the same as purchasing the code.

When you hack the game to unlock content you are accessing and stealing from the code that you have no legal right to. I realize that this bad logic is perpetuated across the internet, but purchasing a disc DOESN’T mean you are purchasing the contents of the disc. I know that sounds weird, but that’s the way it is.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not happy with Capcom for with holding finished content for the sake of selling it later. The fact that its on disc already is pretty irrelevant. If they had just left it off the disc, the only difference would be, it would be a long download, and there would be less idiots like you running around trying to hack the game and claim its legal.

Hmmmm… I didn’t say that

Hmmmmm… did’nt say that

Still dont make it right to distribute characters like that.