Reducing Stick throw length

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on how to reduce the activation length of an arcade stick. Basically I’m happy with my stick’s spring tension and fast return to neutral but unhappy with the distance it takes the stick to touch the microswitch lever and activate it.

I find this causes issues when hitting diagonals, as I really have to force the input, is there anyway I can reduce the distance it touches the microswitch lever.
It is the standard cherry microswitches with 2 screws to hold it in position.

Possible ideas I had in mind are as follows:

  1. Put some kind of rubber washer around the mechanism which touches the microswitch levers, so reducing the distance

  2. Tape around the mechanism to make it bigger, same as above idea

  3. Use 1 screw and position the microswitch closer to the lever and put some kind of clip to hold it in place

  4. Custom build a new mechanism with plastic injection moulding ahahah thats a far out idea

I’m sure some of you guys have more smarter ideas than me

What kind of joystick do you have (if you do not know, then take of picture of the exterior and of the interior and post them up)? The best solution is just to find out what kind of joystick you have and then buy another one that will fit the mounting specifications of the previous one.

Pics of stick is in my previous thread:

This stick is found on the classic electrocoin cabinets back from the 80’s, next to impossible to find new one’s and replace. Plus that is not the issue, as you can see I incorrectly assembled it together at first, the wider bit of the mechanism should be opposite side to touch the levers.

I changed this, but there is still a gap before it touches the levers, can anyone suggest possible ways to reduce the joystick throw.

Your best bet is to replace the joystick. How thick is your control panel? If it is under 1/2 inch, then you can put a Sanwa JLW-UM in it.

I like your first two ideas best. Simple yet effective.
I don’t know how handy you are with tools but if it were me I would take that round plastic part that touches the microswitches off of the shaft and try and duplicate it out of wood…but just a little wider.

you want to reduce throw or to accelerate engagement? the throw this the maximum angle of inclination. the engagement then moment of activation.
throw you reduce lower stick, but coincontrol has already low, it lower will not let. throw coinControl 11mm.
to accelerate engagement the best use microswitches with short plain lever (best Omron V series) you get 1-2mm original is 9mm
new actuator is possible too make

seek old version Wico microswitch joystic, with low shaft. it works similarly but it is quicker. change only spring from CoinC. it fit well.
CoinControl this is normal American joystick from soft spring and low stick, it is slightly quicker throw 11 all amerrikan stick has 13-15mm and medium or hard spring.