Redemption tournament results. (3/27/10)

Thanks everyone!


  1. Strogg
  2. Iconzk9*
  3. Evan*

all matches weren’t finished but round robin played out this way for top 3

3rd Strike-Round Robin

  1. Strogg 1.0% $30
  2. Bloody .80%
  3. Q.R. .60%
  4. Seth .40%
  5. Raweriio .20%
  6. Thomas 0%


  1. Ganelon (Claw Man) 1.0% $60
  2. OATES .80%
  3. Q.R. .60% (Q.R. def. L2ichard)
  4. L2ichard .60%
  5. Strogg .40%
    6.Raweriio 0.0%

Street Fighter 4

  1. Beazy (Akuma) $112
  2. Minh (Abel) $32
  3. SmoothJK (Guile) $16
  4. Q.R. (Chun)
  5. KR21Stylez
  6. OATES
  7. Strogg
  8. Bloody
  9. Hall
  10. Raweriio
  11. POG
  12. L2ichard
  13. Sethp
  14. Thrillhouse
  15. Michael “3rd world”
  16. Thomas


thanks to all that came out!

Fun stuff, well run by a really cool, nice guy. Thanks man!

Really cool meeting all of you, and thanks Strogg for the kickass dual modding job. Works perfectly…pretty stoked. :wink:

full results up. just gotta edit videos now.

ggs everyone! nice meeting everbody. thanks for holding the event iconz

sorry i couldnt make it. money issues were a factor. maybe next time.

Super fun. Intense finals. GGs guys.

Thanks for running the tourney, Iconzk9. You organized it really well. And props to all the folks I played in HDR.

No prob. We will see you next time!

thanks for the compliments guys. I appreciate. Shout out to Strogg for helping set up and what not. links to videos are on the way still. There was a lot of footage and if anyone else has any can you pm me or share the link here?

lol at strogg doing his own 3rd S commentary

Yeah, unfortunately I was working the camera and I have no experience with Urien to comment about it.

Where are you guys seeing the videos? Curious…

well, bloody was there live, the video he mentioned is not posted yet


SmoothJK and Q.R.

Uploading vids to my youtube now, had some ‘new’ camera operators on my camera so some of them arent zoomed in, and don’t announce who’s playing, and don’t stop and start at the beginning of matches. (HINT FOR THINGS TO THINK ABOUT IF YOU RECORD A MATCH)

The finals/loser’s finals vids are too long for youtube, so I can cut them down when I get a chance and I’ll post them to my youtube as well.

In no particular order.

Joe: I think i have two of your top panel screws for your TE… if not, I have somebody’s lol.
Kyle: Thanks for running the tourney again, was fun as usual. Your stick is done whenever you want to grab it from me.
Everyone: Thanks for coming out, practice that Marvel, and don’t be scared of it!
That kid in the red shirt: Sorry about those Iron Man Infinites, couldn’t resist!
Evan: Ordering your parts today, I’ll keep you posted.

Yea you have mine haha. I was wondering about that… :wink: No biggie, maybe next time?

Thanks for the vids, looking forward to seeing the full matches.

*Edit: Anyone else get a PM from KR21? Talk about a buzz kill.


what happened with the pm? I didnt get one. My youtube account is iconzk9 for the videos i have so far and other random things I happen to post ha. I’m at work right now but I’ll put the link after 3 sometime.

Yay, results and videos! Just wanted to say that I had a great time at the tourney and had fun meeting new players. (I went as “Oates”, the Honda player). Hope to see you guys around!

This was an awesome tournament and even though I didn’t do all that great I still had a great time. I really hope I can make it out again sometime.

Would also like to give a shout out to Strogg for the dual mod.

What happened with KR?

I posted vids of the finals and losers finals for sf4