Redemption - RESULTS - Des Moines doesn't have enough power

Thanks everyone for a great time and I apologize again for the power problems. Overall, I’d say today was a huge success, with at least 72 heads entering, not even counting the smash players who easily accounted for another 40-50. Results as follows:

Street Fighter 4: 54 Entries
1st iLIKEpizza $378.00
2nd !!BAKA!! $108.00
3rd Mark s $54.00
4th Chris Henderson
5th Esom
5th Datrick
7th Shogun17
7th Chachi
9th Brian B
9th Burn your Bra
9th Keela
9th Kenshiro
13th Izzy
13th Chur
13th Vamperial
13th Godspeed
17th Leon
17th Axiom
17th ngamer3k
17th LRGaddict
17th Katraqueyous
17th Hogosha
17th Rab
17th K.O. Lovan
25th Lyquid
25th Jamarvelous
25th DirtyWerk
25th A Magic Top Hat
25th DTJB
25th Grog
25th Mr.Tusks
25th Olli
33rd Devon
33rd LUCYM0N0
33rd Echo
33rd Nell
33rd TarkanX
33rd Burn Your Ego
33rd Joe
33rd Kamig
33rd GriffD
33rd Kaytrim
33rd Eugene
33rd Mat
33rd Songo
33rd sondogg
33rd ken
33rd Somephone
49th Intrepete
49th Travis Ivy
49th DoubleDibble
49th Captain Love
49th Jesse Chanthathep
49th Rob Noe

Street Fighter 2: HDRemix: 21 Entries
1st TarkanX $147.00
2nd Shogun17 $42.00
3rd Jamarvelous $21.00
4th iLIKEpizza
5th Curt
5th Grog
7th Datrick
7th sondogg
9th LUCYM0N0
9th Chur
9th Kenshiro
9th Klaige
13th Rob Noe
13th Chachi
13th Travis Ivy
13th Burn Your Ego
17th A Magic Top Hat
17th DTJB
17th Godspeed
17th Intrepete
17th Echo

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike 2v2: 13 Teams
1st C’mon son $91.00 - jamar/datrick
2nd Tetanus $26.00 - murph/grog
3rd Raging Islam $13.00 - keela/olli
4th Beat 'em n eat 'em - tahir/derrik
5th Daigo + JWong - songo/?
5th Too Cheap - mike/esom
7th Green Team - dave/austin
7th Underdog - brian/rab
9th Botchfest - sonny/james
9th Luvbirdz - brian/tara
9th Dropkick - rob/brian
9th Waz this game? I don’t even… - curtis/kamig
13th Shpank - godspeed/?

Pictures and other stuff to come. Extremely late, more later possibly. Side games and smash results will be added, along with any videos once other people post them.

guilty gear results?

Not to nitpick (actually I think this is the very definition of nitpicking), but shouldn’t this be in the Results forum?

Nives – I think Klaige has the BB/GG results on his laptop.

I’ll post shoutouts later, but for now I just wanna thank Grog, Murph, PBJ and everyone else who helped out for making this tourney run and everyone else for making it awesome. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

I could have sworn that I posted this in results, but it was like 1 am so I must have goofed. I’ll PM a mod.

Edit: Fixed

I had fun at the tournament guys. It was good seeing old faces again like Grog, Murph, Sam (I was afraid he was going to go postal on someone :sweat:) and some others. Too bad about the power outages, good you guys kicked out the Smash kids into the other room, people were telling me there were some intense “cash battles” going on.

I want my rematch with Vampirol (or whatever) in SF4 for eliminating me. I was feeling salty as hell, maybe next year.

It was also great meeting Klaige! You made my Anji look like day one, I’ll keep reading your posts at dustloop.

Again, lots of fun Iowa peoples! :china:


This one time I was like, “Man, I feel like entering a tournament for a game I don’t play.” Then people were all like, “please poke me once and run away the rest of the match,” and I was like “ok,” and they were like, “ok, you’re 5th,” and I was like, “thanks.”

GGs kids! It was nice seeing so many familiar faces. Next time have a SC4 tourney, damnit! :slight_smile:

Hogosha - Too pro, sir! Your Twelve is so good it doesn’t even need to be played in order to win. Next time we’re going to have to set a handicap for other people or something. That is totally unfair.

Keela - F your elbows! Even though you hadn’t seen half the moves I used you STILL adapted and shut me down! If not for silly Namco shenanigans you would have had me the second time too. Always good times with you. We’ll hit up Taco Bell next tourney and have a Chili Cheese Burrito contest! :slight_smile:

Cool Tekken people I met (sorry, I’m bad with names) - Keep up the good work! And register on the TekkenZaibatsu boards if you haven’t already! I saw a lot of potential from some of you newcomers.

Not cool Tekken people I met - It’s cool that you decided to change the pot split to 80/20. You can use the extra money to buy yourself some sportsmanship. Or maybe some social graces. Persecution complexes aren’t fun, I’m sure. Counseling might help.

MN Kids - Way to rep! No matter what game they throw at us, we’re gonna TAKE THEIR MONEY!

Everyone else - GGs! Come visit us in The Cities some time!

I see his version got some legs. I’m sure he left out the auto-embarrassing parts that led to “just” asking for a mm. :slight_smile:

My wife is using my laptop for some work this afternoon but i’ll get the results up today for you all.

Good stuff to the placers.

Wish I could have come.

Good Games to everyone stay HYPE

Anyone who makes degrading personal comments behind someone’s back has no right to chide said person on social graces. If anything, you’re lucky he contained himself enough to not come out swinging over what was said when all he did was ask for a mm. If you’re above gambling, then you’re above insults.

Props to Sean, Charlie, Travis and the rest of the Iowa crew for running a great tourney despite the power-related setbacks. Also props to Minnesota crew, you guys are too strong, especially Markuma, that match was a good learning experience for me.

Tekken 6 results

1st - Mr Delicious (Nina)
2nd - AxioM (Eddy)
3rd - Esom (Raven)
4th - Keela (Julia)

16 people entered. I’ll have full results later.

Esom - You were already salty about the way I did brackets. Other people had come to me saying “I’m playing someone I know, and play alot” so, on a few occasions, I switched brackets so that people would not have to play their own crew. You made snide little comments about how you would “have to play MN, how fun”, by that time it was already the third round. Maybe you should have checked with me BEFORE the tournament started like everyone else, so that could have been avoided. It was a 16 man tournament. You’re GOING to play people you know if you are a skilled player.

Regarding the “OW!” incident. I gave you a firm handshake. We had a good match, I was happy I won, so I give you a handshake and you literally yell out ow. I would have laughed at you, but I figured you were probably mad you lost and over-exaggerating.
Next time I’ll give you the limp fish so I don’t hurt you.

The pot split was always going to be 80/20. Clint was just covering for me while I had to go play matches in other games, I never talked about how we were doing money with him. It was a $5 tournament. You were simply misinformed.

I was listening to you degrade my game while I was playing Reggie. Now, I pump up a cocky attitude. I am very cocky too. I said things like “This tournament is free” and “I will definitely win.” It is a psychological ploy to keep myself focused. I lost in earnest. Reggie outplayed me, and I’m perfectly OK with that now. THEN I was salty I lost, but YOU were the one talking shit, not Reggie, so I asked you for the mm. You tell me you’re not into gambling because you’re religious, fine, I let it drop and walk away then you start saying shit that you think I can’t hear, and have a good laugh.

I’m normally about settling differences on the sticks, but you wanted to make it personal.

Story got legs? That IS the story. You can weave it however you want, but that’s how it went. I hate bringing such negativity into the community at a personal level, but you took first blood on that one. I’m ready to let it drop now. Have your backlash comment, and then let’s forget about it.

IOWA - Thank you for running such a great tournament. The midwest needs great events like this. It is NOT the fault of the staff running Redemption that the power went out. There is absolutely no way anyone could have predicted that. And on top of that, power outage included, the tournaments run baby smooth, and very fast for the volume of players that were there.

Good shit guys. I’m glad I went. I’ll see you next time.

Holy crap I was at a tournament and I didn’t have to run anything! :slight_smile:

Charlie – GODLIKE tourney! 120 people at an Iowa tourney is probably a first since the older days of Extravaganza. Always a pleasure to see ya, glad I could finally make it to one of your shindigs.

Sonny – You have some of the funniest shit-talk I’ve ever heard. You MADE the 3S tourney for me, man. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO! GODDAAAAAAMMIIIIIIT, NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Sorry I couldn’t stay for the rest of the mystery tourney, I wanted to make it home before the sun came up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sam – ANGRY SAM IS ANGRY. Great to see ya as always. Glad ya didn’t kill anyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know shit gets stressful with tourneys and I’ve had my fair share of desires to maim random people when I run stuff. Next tourney, you need to come dressed up as the Black Ninja.

Murph – Congrats on 2nd place in 3S with all those Chuns running around! Good stuff running everything all day and still having the energy to get at least one unblockable setup on a Chun in the finals.

Esom – 5th place in TWO Street Fighter games? Jesus man, ease up on the competition. Good thing you took people out in our 3S games, I lost everytime I played. ;_; Good shit in Tekken, that was a sick Raven. Wish we coulda got a Calibur tourney going, but with all the power outages I was afraid to plug in the 360.

Travis – Glad I finally got to meet ya. Good stuff running BB/GG, hope to make it out to your neck of the woods sometime again before I’m too old for this shit.

Alex – YOU SON OF A BITCH. 9 times out of 10 I have your number in SF4 and then you go fucking balls deep on me when we play in a tourney. GAH. Good shit in SF4, 3S AND Tekken, see ya Monday if you’re still havin’ people over.

Olli – Your. Yun. Fucking. OWNED. Glad you showed up to this, was great seeing you just line people up and knock 'em down in 3S and then beat Baka the one time it really mattered. See ya Monday!

James – Keep hittin’ those SA2s with Makoto! Fucking hilarity watching people stomp off.

Minnesota in general – You guys are a fucking force in EVERYTHING you play. Unbelievable.

Everyone that had to put up with me during Super Mario 3 Battle Game – I’m sorry. Game’s too fucking hype. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had so much fun at this event guys! Great stuff. Great to see everyone that I met before and Sam, I’ll work on getting off my Sakura complex for next time.

grog u suck and let mn players come and beat you in hdr. they aren’t good and dodge mms. it’s ok though i forgive u, i know it’s hard to play good when you are running an event. also the handshake thing sounded funny, and also gs to tarkanx for winning hdr

I wish to thank everyone that showed up to support us. Although it may not have seemed that way, I really appreciate all you out-of-towners showing us some luv and making our first official tourney one of the biggest fg tourneys Iowa’s ever had! We’ll definitely be doing this again.

I didn’t get to play anything except Tekken casuals, so I’ma just give a quick shoutout to everyone I played in it. GGs, shit was MADD fun.


sf4 vids are up for ddl. Let me know if there’s any issues (aside from the minor bugs I’m too lazy to fix.)

Can T6 be an official game next time?

Thanks to Charlie, Murphy, Sam and all of the other folks who helped for doing their part in running this. I’m glad we were able to bring a bunch of us down to join in on the fun.

Any chance to get these up on Youtube? I’m assuming you’re still working on getting the 3S and HDR vids ready as well.

Any word of getting the venue again?

Blazblue results: 20 entries
1 Cue
2 Dekline
3 izzy
4 Klaige
5 Vamperial
5 Axiom
7 GiovanniSama
7 EvilZangief
9 Emilio Esteves
9 Yulai
9 keela
9 Tomas
13 Ngame3k
13 Lucymono
13 d-ra
13 Z0n1c
17 Hogosha
17 Kaytrim
17 Dracula-X
17 echo

Guilty Gear Results: 17 entries
1 Cue
2 Jamarvelous
3 Klaige
4 izzy
5 shogun 17
5 zero
7 axiom
7 keela
9 lucymono
9 Evilzangief
9 KatraQueyous
9 Dracula-X
13 Z0n1c
13 Crimson Skull
13 songo
13 d-ra
17 Matt

Thanks to everyone who entered, i’ll get detailed shoutouts soon.

thanks for the event guys Omaha had a lot of fun.