Red Titles...

The Red titles, the Jack, Queen, King & Ace titles…(Pinch,Smash, Buster, Rush, etc)

I’ve been trying to get them in SSFIV, but I have no idea how to get them.

how do you earn them?

I believe they’re earned through character trials. I know the King ones come at 85% completion… Or at least after getting that many done the King ones were unlocked for me, and other people have said similar things.

blue titles is beat the game with that character
red titles is beat the game on hardest with that character

Buster/Crisis/Pinch K, Q and J and etc are through online matches I believe…I think if you win a match with a certain amount of health, you will receive a Crisis or Pinch title(Black and Red Striped titles), I think supers or ultra finishes will give you Buster.

The red titles mentioned here are the beaten arcade mode on hardest difficulty which usually start in “Legendary blah blah blah”.

Are the title requirements for SSFIV the same as SFIV? If so, there’s a list that tells how to get them all– some of the requirements for the Jack–King ones are pretty crazy. If it’s different in Super, however, my Google-Fu is failing me.

gah i forgot about those stupid arcade titles. I don’t want those, I should have made myself clear… my bad, I was talking just about the Jack Queen King and Aces, no arcade crap. I’ve tried following the same requirements for vanilla and i still don’t have a single one. i’ve played online (ranked and endless) and im sure as hell I’ve done at least one round with 80-100, 60-80, 40-60, etc…

Jack,Queen, King, Ace ones I believe are 75% completion of Character trials (I got to 75% this morning and unlocked them).

Yeah they’re not the same as SFIV. Like Francys said, they’re most likely earned through trials.

They are unlocked together as well, you get all of the Jack ones then all of the Queen ones…

I’m almost certain they’re unlocked that way because I hadn’t played a match for days and spent all of my time working through the trials when I unlocked the King ones at 85%