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The hot game Red Storm game is officially released on 2nd December on Google Play. It is the first full operable combat community game domestically. It’s with simple operation and good playability.
It is known that Red Storm is a real-time classic strategy game globally with it’s fierce battle scenes, advanced weaponries and clear and realistic images. As Red Alert game was once favored by the majority of players with its increasing popularity, we hope to reproduce the prestige and grandeur in its year back with the introduction of this game. We hope, on one hand, to bring the wonderful childhood memories to players and make them fall in love with this game again. On the other hand, we are in the hope to make the website more and more popular.

Top four our features of this game:
First, the game screen and images are so gorgeous and realistic that players will linger on with no thought of leaving. As a full operable combat game with the theme of red alert, it is much more clear, delicate and gorgeous, allowing players to be able to see more gorgeous looking game images and enjoy the best gaming experience ever.
Second, the combat ways are so unique that players will feel reluctant to put it down. Red Storm combating ways are very special as it combines the strategic and competitive nature of game into one, allowing player to experience the fascinating fighting experience different from all the other games.
Third, players will indulge themselves in the thrill of being a commander. Players can have dozens of combat units such as snipers, helicopter gunships, Apocalypse Tank, the Patriot-ground missiles, mines and so on. Different combat units have different combat effect. Players can send different combat forces for attack according to their own preferences and defensive situation. In this way, players will experience the thrill and excitement of dispatching troops and destroy the enemy bases in the war.
Fourth, the game is easy for beginners and also brings lots of fun to players. Players can experience all the features in the game with the simplest control and operation that brings them the utmost game pleasure.

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